JAYDEN JAYMES - Collector's DVD Compilation


Jayden Jaymes is a Pornographic Goddess who made her debut in late 2006 and truly launched her name in early 2007 as the cover girl of a popular men's magazine. Jayden has since featured in several adult magazines (without naming names, just think PETS), movies, films, series and websites. Known for her full breasts, plump ass and ferocious attitude, Jayden has certainly claimed her name to fame within the adult entertainment industry.

With all these credits already to her name, Jayden is best loved (and has done her very BEST work) on some of the more popular internet pay-sites. It's there that we focused this set on ... some of Jayden's ABSOLUTE BEST "up-skirt - check out my gorgeous ass" scenes! I've been a little late in jumping on the Jayden Jaymes bandwagon (she was Jayden 'James' when I first heard of her), but I'm working hard to catch up. Be on the look out for more Jayden from the Raven King in the future!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Jayden and an assortment of her friends.

- Nothing tops Topless Tuesdays! Jayden's horny co-workers convince her that since she went on vacation, their boss, Scott has made it mandatory to have everyone in the office topless on Tuesdays. So not to be the black sheep of the office, she complies and comes in topless the next day ... PERFECT, big, juicy tits on full display ... of course, she is the only one who took the whole 'Topless Tuesday' thing seriously and when her Boss comes in and sees her showing off the twins, he gets an idea of his own. Tuesday is now, 'Bang The Boss Day' ... that certainly seemed to work out nicely ... for HIM! The lucky perv!

- You KNOW that you have to take detention seriously! Jayden has been a very NAUGHTY girl ... It's her first day at an Ivy league college and she's already in trouble for causing up a stir. She meets Charles who just can't stop looking at those SPECTACULAR tits and when the teacher abruptly leaves Charles capitalizes and does to Jayden what any man locked in a room with her would do ... He POUNDS her for everything she's worth ... and MORE!!! I will be blunt ... Jayden Jaymes in that school girl outfit is more than enough to sell this scene for me. The upskirt action is INTENSE, and the ass-worship is delectable. Do I really have to get more descriptive? Really?

- Ah, what could be better than a good old fashioned Suburban Slut Story? How about a little cameo appearance by porn superstar, Krissy Lynn? Jayden Jaymes is a bored but curious housewife, but she knows how to cure her boredom ... and satisfy her curiosity ... Both Jayden and Krissy are fighting with their husbands about cheating. They Both suspect that when they were all double dating that they were into each others partner. After fighting they both storm out and prove their partner right by swapping partner behind their back ... this is a very nice little suburban fantasy romp, with some clever (and titillating) set-up and a fantastic pay-off. Always nice to see Krissy, even if it's just a cameo.

- If you want to be cool at the beach, you gotta get along with your Sister's Hot Friend ... Jayden Jaymes doesn't like to share her space and she doesn't mind letting her friend's brother know it. Since they're renting a house by the beach, room is tight and neither one wants to share. But Jayden is great at negotiating sticky situations, especially when she knows the stud really just wants to get in her tight (and oh so juicy) little spot and make a sticky situation all over her face!!! Now THAT'S how you settle conflicts amongst friends!

- And there's plenty more!





2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set - $40  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
6-DVD Set - $48  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
7-DVD Set - $56  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
8-DVD Set - $64  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
9-DVD Set - $72  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
10-DVD Set - $80  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
11-DVD Set - $88  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 8,300 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #2) - (over 8,200 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #3) - (over 7,100 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #4) - (over 7,600 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #5) - (over 7,700 pics) - $5

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