DYLAN RILEY - Collector's DVD Compilation


Every once in awhile, a fresh new face will hit the scene and make even the Raven King stop and take notice. Dylan Riley has hit the teeny-bopper genre at full throttle, and hasn't let up yet. This PERFECTLY put together Michigan native has been working hard for the past year (she started in 2009) and is developing a HUGE fanbase. Putting out some of the absolute BEST stuff on the internet, including some FANTASTIC role-playing scenes, Dylan continues to get better and better. Blessed with an unending sexual appetite, and a SPECTACULAR little body (with some PERFECT man-made breasts), Dylan is bound for super stardom in this industry. Catch these early scenes while you still can!

I'll put it as simply as I can ... Dylan Riley is YOUNG, RIPE AND SMOKIN HOT, and her scenes are AWESOME!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Dylan and an assortment of her friends.

- It's one thing not to tip your bartender, but to have the nerve to actually STEAL money out of his tip jar ... that's just so wrong! Even if you look like Dylan Riley ... though, she can always find ways to make it up to him. Clearly, this kind of behavior deserves some serious punishment ... which is precisely what the thieving slut gets! There's some wonderful role-playing here as Dylan has to sell the whole 'rough' action schtick. First the offended (and very angry) bartender strips her down to her lovely panties to see where she was hiding his money, then he proceeds to take out his vengeance ... slowly ... and harshly. Great stuff!

- Young and ripe, Dylan Riley is Fresh Outta High School, and very much looking the part! In her adorable little school uniform (pleaded mini-skirt and frilly white panties included0, she is ready to start some of her more important lessons. I gotta tell ya, Dylan puts on some of the BEST baby-talk I've heard in quite some time in this scene ... it's a shame she doesn't do itmore often. Great up-skirt action and lots to offer the panty fetishists among you (you know who you are). Fresh Outta High School and looking for trouble ... in that outfit and with that sweet little baby talkin, this little Doll is sure to find some!

- Here's a scene that will make you want to take up field hockey ... Coach Deen is determined to train Dylan to become a better sharp shooter on her ball hockey team, the only problem is that her accuracy is way off. While practicing on her own she finds out the perfect technique and shows Coach Deen. So she pulls out her big beautiful tits and uses her nipple to line up the sight and aim for the target. When she starts knocking down targets like a champ, Coach Deen rewards her with his enough man-juice to make her gag! Some really great role-playing and really well shot. A little humor to set up some great sex action is ALWAYS on target!

- You know, it's NEVER cool to throw stuff at the school mascot. No matter how silly the costume is, you really should show at least a modicum of respect, you know? Besides, you never know who's hiding underneath that silly bumble-bee costume. Might just be one of the HOTTEST girls in porn, Dylan Riley! When one of her classless hecklers sees what she looks like without the costume, he escorts to a private room to discuss her mascot techniques. Before too long, our girl, Dylan is showing off all sorts of techniques ... that will NEVER be heckled! Wonderful straight up one-on-one action with some nice role-playing and high school setting. More great stuff from Dylan Riley, and again showing you a glimpse of how good she's really going to be!

- And there's plenty more!


2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24 (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32 (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 6,700 pics) - $5

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