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"It is not that the school-girl is innocent. No, it is simply that she LOOK innocent ... the reality need not match the fantasy." - The Raven King

Bree Olson (sometimes spelled Olsen) has taken the adult film industry by storm! She bares a most striking resemblance to Brittney Spears (before Brittney started plopping out babies, shaving her head, and losing her mind) ... just look at the pics to see what I mean. This Indiana country-girl does some of the best 'naughty young blond' bits in the business. She goes from naughty school-girl to spectacular cheerleader without missing a beat. Already having starred in dozens of adult features, it looks like Bree is on her way to the next level of adult super-stardom ... catch her in these early scenes to see how she rose to prominence ... see her at her ripest. And the Brittney resemblance stops freaking you out after a few minutes.

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Bree and an assortment of her friends.

- Watch Bree as she gives one of the finest cheerleader performances since Bambi Woods! This scene is worth it even before any of her clothes come off. Bree has MASTERED the fine art of 'baby-talk' and she has that angelic look that really makes it pay off! This is all made that much better by her spending the necessary set-up time doing her 'cheers' in nothing but her little white panties and sneakers ... all for the pleasure of her lecherous old teacher.

- Bree will do anything to be able to calmly eat her lunch in the Teacher's staff lunch room. But there's always someone that just can't let her be. How will she handle this intrusion? Well, the only way she knows how. Bree teaches the Teacher a lesson that they both enjoy. Classic 'poor little school-girl' scenario ... done to perfection!

- There's nothing better than spotting a perfectly shaped ass with a bright pink thong riding up over some skin tight denims. Our heroes run into the spectacular Bree Olson while cruising L.A. and offer her an opportunity to show off her 'whale tail' on video. Of course, Bree can show them a lot more than just her tail ... cruising L.A. just got a lot more rewarding!

- Ever wonder how to get your sister's hot friend to take you more seriously? Just watch our boy put on a spooky mask and sneak up on Bree while she's watching TV. While she doesn't go for the mask, there's just about nothing else that Bree won't do for her best friend's little brother. Now that's what I call a friend!

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Add an optional THIRD Two-Plus Hour Bree Olson DVD for an additional $8!
New DVD includes a VERY early scene featuring a very raw Bree Olson, delicately titeled, 'New Whores!' Bree is clearly just learning the ropes here, and even goes so far as to take it in her lovely little ass! This EARLIEST of scenes is already being called an INSTANT CLASSIC and a must-see for all Bree Olson fans! New disc also includes a trip through the local XXX video store with the nubile Bree Olson (wearing some DELICIOUS little Daisy Duke cut-off shorts) as she goes looking for HER new release. Kind of an ego trip if you ask me. But soon enough, the browsing turns into some more classic hard-core action as Bree winds up going home with a dude from the store and getting her tight little twat fucked until she screams! Still some of the best 'baby talk' in the industry today!
* * *

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Add an optional FOURTH Two-Plus Hour Bree Olson DVD for an additional $8!
New DVD attempts to answer that age old question ... just who exactly is your daddy? Bree finds out in her take on the popular 'Who's Your Daddy' series. Also some more fantastic inter-office sex romps as Bree just can't seem to keep her panties on at the office (Thank God)!  And her nasty boss is just too happy to help her get ahead ... so long as he gets a little head in the process. FIVE brand new scenes featuring the delightfully nubile and innocent looking Bree Olson!
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Add an optional FIFTH Two-Plus Hour Bree Olson DVD for an additional $8!
New volume to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FIVE brand new scenes, including: Bree's take in the ultra-popular internet series, 'Diary Of A Nanny' ... Bree is trying to explain to her boss that "someone" has been playing Peeping-Tom with her, and it happens to be his best friend. Poor little Bree had to actually fuck him in order to leave her alone. Can you imagine her surprise when her boss decides that it's his turn to pound that sweet little blond nanny pussy! Some really nice baby-talk (one of Bree's specialties) and great role-playing highlight this solid performance ... a great way to promote nanny-hood! New Disc also includes the wonderful wife-swapping scene from the feature film, 'Dream Girlz' ... featuring a special guest appearance by the sensational, Amy Ried! Amy and Bree work on some great sexual chemistry here, as they put each other's husbands through their paces ... great all our orgy action!!
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Add an optional SIXTH Two-Plus Hour Bree Olson DVD for an additional $8!
After a long hiatus, the Raven King is proud to add this new installment to the Bree Olson set ... New DVD comes LOADED with FOUR brand new scenes, including something for our fans of the more PUNISHING brand of pornographic entertainment ... "Not so sweet little Bree is a spoiled rich girl who goes to James's house to film an episode of her new reality show, The Slutty Life. At first, James is very accommodating, but he soon finds out that Bree is a vain, insufferable, spoiled brat with no morals. She is rude to his mother, encourages his sister to dress like a slut, and even manages to sabotage the show. After a while, he can’t take anymore, and arranges to give Bree a parting gift: an intense session of Pornstar Punishment." ... Keeping in mind that this is all just entertainment, still not for the faint of heart ... fair warning. Also included on this latest volume, one of my ALL-TIME favorite Bree Olson scenes ... Bree's first take on the fantastic (and woefully underrated) series, 'Exploited Babysitters ( I LOVE this series) ... Bree has been a naughty little babysitter. Seems she's been fucking one of her clients, and his wife found out. Also seems this particular client has some Mob connections and the wife is planning on having Bree 'wacked' ... this is not a good thing. Bree's employer is willing to help her out, but first, he has to explore every hole in that perfect little body. Of course, with Bree ... all holes are ALWAYS open! Some absolutely brilliant point of view material thrown in, and some of Bree's best anal fucking. Now listen, Bree has ALWAYS been one of my personal favorites, and I dearly wish she'd come back and do more internet based stuff, but whatever she does, she puts her soul into. This is another great collection, NOT to be missed by Bree fans!
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Add an optional SEVENTH Two-Plus Hour Bree Olson DVD for an additional $8!
Back for the attack (as they say)! This SEVENTH installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with SIX brand new scenes ... each one more sexually explosive than the previous (also, as they say) ... Catch the ever so sweet and innocent, Bree Olson in her starring role in what was to become one of Adam & Eve's most successful series of films, 'Bree's College Daze' ... this one is from the very film and features some very nice back-stage at the school auditorium fuck and suck action! I have said for years that Bree Olson does the school-girl/co-ed scenario as well as anyone in the industry, and those skills are really put to good use here. My only complaint with young miss Olson is that she doesn't stay busy enough for my tastes. When you're that fucking hot, you should be working constantly, and NOT under any ridiculous exclusive contracts. C'mon, Bree ... exclusivity is for Aristocrats! New DVD also includes another venture into the world of 'Exploited Babysitters' ... Here, Bree has decided to start making out with the family Priest (no, that is not a typo ... she is MAKING OUT WITH A PRIEST) ... Granted, this dude isn't the most convincing Priest in film history, but it's still a little creepy. Naturally, after getting caught in the act Bree must be made to repent ... she calls it, 'getting Holy' ... Well, every 'hole' she has gets explored over the next 40 plus minutes! Really great no-holes barred action, culminating in some great anal invasion. Bree continues to do the 'sweet little dumb blond' with the baby-talk schtick as well as anyone. Nicely done. A treat for the Lech (or even closet-Lech) in all of us ... some more than others (obviously). So to all my sexually deviant brothers out there ... Enjoy!!!
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2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set - $40  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
6-DVD Set - $48  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
7-DVD Set - $56  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (over 8000 pics) - $5

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