BREE OLSON - Collector's DVD Compilation


"It is not that the school-girl is innocent. No, it is simply that she LOOK and SOUND innocent ... the reality need not match the fantasy." - The Raven King

Bree Olson (sometimes spelled Olsen) has taken the adult film industry by storm! She bares a most striking resemblance to Brittney Spears (before Brittney started plopping out babies, shaving her head, and losing her mind) ... just look at the pics to see what I mean. This Indiana country-girl does some of the best 'naughty young blond' bits in the business. She goes from naughty school-girl to spectacular cheerleader without missing a beat. Already having starred in dozens of adult features, it looks like Bree is on her way to the next level of adult super-stardom ... catch her in these early scenes to see how she rose to prominence ... see her at her ripest. And the Brittney resemblance stops freaking you out after a few minutes.

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Bree and an assortment of her friends.

- Watch Bree as she gives one of the finest cheerleader performances since Bambi Woods! This scene is worth it even before any of her clothes come off. Bree has MASTERED the fine art of 'baby-talk' and she has that angelic look that really makes it pay off! This is all made that much better by her spending the necessary set-up time doing her 'cheers' in nothing but her little white panties and sneakers ... all for the pleasure of her lecherous old teacher.

- Bree will do anything to be able to calmly eat her lunch in the Teacher's staff lunch room. But there's always someone that just can't let her be. How will she handle this intrusion? Well, the only way she knows how. Bree teaches the Teacher a lesson that they both enjoy. Classic 'poor little school-girl' scenario ... done to perfection!

- There's nothing better than spotting a perfectly shaped ass with a bright pink thong riding up over some skin tight denims. Our heroes run into the spectacular Bree Olson while cruising L.A. and offer her an opportunity to show off her 'whale tail' on video. Of course, Bree can show them a lot more than just her tail ... cruising L.A. just got a lot more rewarding!

- Ever wonder how to get your sister's hot friend to take you more seriously? Just watch our boy put on a spooky mask and sneak up on Bree while she's watching TV. While she doesn't go for the mask, there's just about nothing else that Bree won't do for her best friend's little brother. Now that's what I call a friend!

- And there's plenty more!

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set - $40  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
6-DVD Set - $48  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 8,000 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #2) - (over 5,400 pics) - $5

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