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* Personal Note from the Raven King: I have completely gone into Faye-mode. She has that 'hard to define' quality that is so often lacking in modern porn. I believe she is a future SUPER-STAR in the industry. This girl is completely original AND absolutely erotic ... Enjoy!

Faye Reagan is perhaps the most refreshing thing to happen to modern porn in the last decade (at least). I don't know if it's the natural red hair (all the way down!), those adorable freckles or the puffy areolae (circa vintage Traci Lords), but whatever it is ... Faye has it. Throw in the fact that she'll do all kinds of scenes, and actually has some serious acting chops, and you've got a super-star in the making. Collected here, are some of Faye's absolute MASTERPIECE works. Faye as the darling little school girl who'll do anything her Professor wishes in order to get that passing grade; Faye as the happy go lucky coed Party-Girl who loves to drink herself (or at least, pretend to) into erotic situations, even a little St. Patrick's Day cheer as Faye brings a little 'luck of the Irish' to work with her!

Simply put, Faye Reagan is going to be HUGE in the porn industry, and this is your chance to see some of her very BEST work in one place BEFORE she goes exclusive somewhere (that would be a tragedy). She's already doing a lot of feature film work with the New Sensation and Adam & Eve studios. I've seen it happen too many times and I'm sure you have too. Catch her while you can and see why I'm so psyched about this fiery red-head! * There really aren't enough natural red-heads in porn.

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Faye and an assortment of her friends.

- Who wouldn't want Faye Reagan at their party? She loves to drink ... I mean, she REALLY loves to drink, and she plays a mean game of Beverage Pong! Funny thing is, the more she drinks, the worse her Pong game gets. So she winds up getting naked in no time (though they stretch out this portion of the scene to let us enjoy Faye and her natural (PERFECT) breasts and some WONDERFUL panty shots). After sleeping off a bit of her good time, Faye is woken up for a classic one on one romp with a fellow party member! This scene is destined to be a classic ... pay particular attention to all the breast worship going on. Faye's puffy nips might be her biggest turn-on ... or maybe it's those freckles ... I just don't know. So goes the Legend of Party Girl ... some myths actually live up to the hype!

- It's St. Patrick's Day and what more could any self-respecting Irishman want than a PERFECT red-head (complete with PERFECT freckles) all decked out in sexy green serving him rounds of beer!?!? At a certain point, it becomes more than anyone can take ... especially horny bartenders! Pretty soon, Faye's 'Luck of the Irish' dress is hiked up over her hips and her little green panties are exposed and waiting to be peeled off ... leaving Faye's red pussy hair exposed and ready for moisture! Faye is STUFFED right there at the bar ... over and over! Great non-stop action, with some wonderful set-up ... we actually get to see Faye putting on her St. Patty's Day outfit before the action starts ... this is a SPECTACULAR tease ... and the romp just takes it from there. GREAT STUFF!

- What better way to open this new volume of the Raven King Collection than to feature Faye Reagan in her school girl outfit (pleaded mini-skirt, white cotton panties, etc, etc ...) actually talking to the camera ... in a most provocative manner! After prancing around for a bit, Faye settles down on the bed and opens up her lap-top. Seems that Faye has an assignment that needs to be completed for school. She films and tapes herself slowly undressing, then ENJOYING herself in every way possible ... while providing a sensational audio commentary to boot! I get the feeling she'll do well in show and tell.

- Oh, what's a groupie to do? Faye and her teenie-bopper friends are just sitting around (looking cute as can be) while their rock star sleeps it off in another room. They argue a bit over who's going to get to go wake him up with a sniff (if you know what I mean). Naturally, the girls decide on a good old fashioned game of 'spin the bottle' to settle the discourse. As luck would have it, Faye wins this little game and gets to enjoy the rock star all by herself. No sharing amongst these groupies ... kind of strange. In any event, Faye wakes the dude up by filling her mouth with more than just rock candy ... THAT'S the way we should all wake up! Very nice one on one action ensues and we even get a little comedic relief as Faye gets a little too clingy in the afterglow. A rock star can only take so much, I suppose. Great stuff with some serious production values ... a nice early effort from Faye!

- There are certain things that girls should avoid doing ... even when they're as stunningly beautiful as Faye Reagan. Number one: they should NOT pretend to be football fans when they're really not. Trust me, girls ... nobody cares if you don't know the difference between the Steelers and the Eagles ... just work on your cock sucking skills and everything else will be overlooked. Number two: Do NOT make fun of a guy's football team when they're not playing particularly well. And Number three: NEVER NEVER NEVER take a guy's beer while he's watching the game. That last one is a definite no-no. If you do any or even worse, ALL of these things ... you better be prepared to suck and fuck until you are forgiven. It's just the way it is. Our girl, Faye has broken all these rules and it's time that she take her punishment like a trooper. This one gets a little rough, but it's clear that Faye is really into it. Great pseudo-violent romp on the couch (during half-time, of course) with a wonderful splash down ending. Faye does a great job of selling the ending with her 'I just got fucked to death' look in the end, as she's basking in the afterglow. I've said before how I really dig these make-believe violent scenes, but I also understand how some folks don't care for them ... so I warn you ahead of time ... NOT for the squeamish! 

* Yet another personal note from the Raven King: I have not been this big of a fan of 'new talent' since I discovered Bree Olson years ago. Go back and look at how I described her, and the predictions I made then. Faye is going to be big, people ... hop on board the band wagon whilst there's still room! Don't say I didn't tell you ahead of time!

- And there's plenty more!

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set - $40  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
6-DVD Set - $48  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 7,500 pics) - $5

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