KAGNEY LINN KARTER - Collector's DVD Compilation


Brand new to the adult scene, native Texan, Kagney Linn Karter is the new 'IT' girl in porn. She's blonde ... she's got perfectly shaped, big, beautiful jugs ... and she knows exactly how to play up the naughty little school girl scenario. She has absolutely taken over the on-line scene, and is making strides towards feature film work. She just started working in 2008, so there's really not much material out there, and Kagney fans are having a hard time getting their fill! Check her out here, in these SPECTACULAR early scenes to see what all the fuss is about.

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Kagney and an assortment of her friends.

- Kagney is the baddest (and horniest) girl in school and will do whatever she wants to get ahead. That includes wearing the SHORTEST pleaded mini-skirt I have EVER seen! This time, she gets caught cheating on her exam and the up-tight teacher sends her to the Dean's office to set her straight. There, she chews bubble gum and talks a lot of trash, which the Dean doesn't take very lightly. He bends her over his desk, lifts up that little skirt, and proceeds to whack her GORGEOUS little ass over and over with a ruler until she begins to cry (dropping the tough-girl persona). The Dean takes pity on this INCREDIBLE piece of ass, and shows her a little mercy ... and he gives her all she can handle ... and more! Punishment is absolute! Naughty, naughty, naughty! * I should probably mention that THIS is the scene that originally brought Kagney Linn Karter to the Raven King's attention. Needless to say, I consider it a MUST SEE and a Raven King: INSTANT CLASSIC. -RK

- You'd think it would be easy to pretend to be a Hooker ... well, not quite. Kagney's job is to work undercover in this high tech sting operation ... she is a 'Busty Cop On Patrol' ... the only problem here is that Kagney ENJOYS her job too much! She lures a potential "John" into her motel room, and instead of arresting him, she lets him fill her up for all she's worth! What kind of Cop is this? Simple, it's Officer Kagney Linn Karter, Busty Cop On Patrol. And don't you forget it!

- The principle announces that a dress code will be put into effect starting immediately. Kagney doesn't like the thought of that, she enjoys dressing like a cheap little slut! So she quickly takes a stand, literally, on her desk. Mr. Dera has to regain control of the class, so he asks everyone to leave so that he can talk to Kagney alone and FILL her with his rules! School was always tough, but dress codes are just unAmerican! Especially if it's going to keep sweet little pieces of ass like Kagney from wearing her little school uniform!

* * *
Add an optional THIRD two plus hour Kagney Linn Karter DVD for an additional $8!
New DVD includes more of Kagney's outragous high school high-jinx ... Football Jock, Billy is starting shit again in the cafeteria. He starts throwing food over at the nerd table and hits Kagney Linn in the process!She gets real upset and then a crazy food fight ensues!!! The cafeteria and everyone in it got destroyed! Kagney Linn makes Billy pay by licking the food off her body which leads to even dirtier sex in the cafeteria! School lunch was NEVER this good!!! New installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FOUR brand new scenes, including - Kagney Linn has been caught at school giving felatio to the Dean (this was in a previous scene, True Believers), and her mom is furious. She punishes her and decides that she won't have dinner with her mom and her new boyfriend, Johnny. To take revenge on her mom, Kagney Linn rebels and interrupts the dinner in a sexy little outfit (fully exposed panties under a tiny little pleaded skirt) to take Johnny away from her mother ... it didn't take much effort. And just like that, Kagney has her revenge ... and a really good fuck!
* * *

* * *
Add an optional FOURTH two plus hour Kagney Linn Karter DVD for an additional $8!
New installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FIVE brand new scenes ... including ... "In the not so distant future a terrible thing has happened. All the female pornstars pussies can't get wet anymore. The world is in despair but there seems to be a glimmer of hope. Keiran Lee's dick is so big it can still make the girls wet and horny. Rumors of his existence spread throughout the land and Kagney Linn Karter and Abbey Brooks set off on a quest to find Keiran's cock." ... all right, so it sounds like we've got a little bit of a post-apocalyptic fuck and suck festival starring two of the HOTTEST blonds in porn, Kagney Linn Karter and Abbey Brooks! While the premise might sound a bit on the melodramatic side, there's some really good shit here, including some well thought out set-up, and great three-way action. Always good to see two Raven King favorites team up in some good old fashioned, high concept porn! New DVD also includes Kagney's scene from the XXX parody, 'This Ain't Hell's Kitchen' ... the Chef here is as big of an ass-hole as the dude on television, with one difference (besides the weird toupee) ... this nasty chef FUCKS the shit out of his contestants. Thus is Kagney's fate ... to get the shit fucked out of her, right there in the kitchen ... Hell's Kitchen! Let's see Top Chef top THIS concept!
* * *

* * *
Add an optional FIFTH two plus hour Kagney Linn Karter DVD for an additional $8!
Brand new and hot off the presses ... another add-on to the Kagney Linn Karter Set (I told you all I was working on it, now you can stop asking!) ... this brand new installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with SIX brand new scenes ... including Kagney's attempts to help sell new bras ... well, she's certainly selling SOMETHING ... "Failing to impress his bosses with his new bra design, Jordan calls up two big titted escorts to help his superiors get a better idea of his new creation. He'll thank Kagney and Maddi with a full course meal of cock on the conference table!!!" ... A comical set-up leads to a very satisfying three-way romp in the board-room. Seriously, who WOULDN'T buy a bra from Kagney? Especially if she was still wearing it!!! Also included on new disc ... our sweet little Kagney comes face to cock with the Mighty Whitezilla! Highlight here (for me) was the opening ... Kagney just strolling around the pool in a nice blue bikini ... slowly peeling it off before heading inside for her massive cock encounter. This is very well done, and the sex action is top-notch ... Great stuff ... with a fantastic splash-down cum-shot! Fortunately, Kagney could always just hop back into the pool to wash away all that messy love juice.
* * *

* * *
Add an optional SIXTH two plus hour Kagney Linn Karter DVD for an additional $8!
This one is to accommodate all the requests from all the rabid Kagney fans that seem to be stuffing my inbox (you can all stop now). Another brand new effort on the part of your humble Lord of Ravens (that would be me) ... new installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FIVE new scenes ... including poor innocent Kagney's adventures in room service ... "James spends a lot of time traveling and staying in hotels as a pornstar. This time the room service lady is putting on his clothes, drinking his beer, smoking his cigarettes and talking shit about him when he's not around. He finally catches her and threatens to call the front desk but she begs him for mercy. She offers to do anything he wants to make it up to him. So he serves her a serious dose of sexual justice." ... I gotta admit ... I LOVE the whole 'punishment' aspect in this one. Not sure I needed James stuffing his watch in her mouth just in time for the cum-shot, but all in all, a very creative use of psuedo-force fucking. Good stuff, and another nice example of Kagney continuing to evolve as an actual actress. Good on her! Also included in this new volume ... Okay seriously, if Kagney Linn Karter rang your doorbell and asked you to sign some petition ... you'd sign the fucking thing! Of course, it helps that she's wearing an exquisite little blue dress ... and yes, her PERFECT tits are practically POPPING out of the top! The dress alone makes this scene worthwhile. The little plot involving Kagney fucking yet another unsuspecting married dude is just gravy. Some very nice 'bent over the desk' action highlights what is a very well crafted scene, with some sweet set-up and tease. Thumbs up to the good folks at Naughty America for really upping their game in the last year or so. Well done, gentlemen ... now keep it up.
* * *

* * *
Add an optional SEVENTH two plus hour Kagney Linn Karter DVD for an additional $8!
A new Raven King fix for all the Kagney addicts out there ... no need to thank me. Is it just me, or are her tits looking even more PERFECTLY rounded than ever? New volume comes FUCKING LOADED with FIVE brand new scenes, including Kagney's misadventures in the fast food industry ... "For Kagney, working at a disgusting burger joint like Choky's is a fate worse than death! But when idealistic Johnny walks in and tells her that she can have more, Kagney decides to leap at the opportunity...and onto his cock!" ... and haven't we all worked at soul-crushing jobs before? Can't we all identify with poor little Kagney ... and those PERFECTLY rounded tits? Hold on to your dreams, Kagney! Also included in this new addition, Kagney's ongoing attempts to get out of taking another test ... "In the wake of Kagney's final exam she tries to find a way to skip it; coincidentally a new male nurse recently started working at her school, he has gained a reputation of being easily swayed to get fake doctors notes. Kagney prepares herself to make a move on him in hopes she can fuck him to get what she wants." ... seriously, chest pains? Just looking at those gorgeous tits gives me all sorts of convulsions. Exactly what was that poor guy supposed to do? Of course he fucks her ... who the Hell wouldn't!?!?
* * *

* * *
Add an optional EIGHTH two plus hour Kagney Linn Karter DVD for an additional $8!
And here, we have the Raven King's latest efforts at appeasing the Kagney lunatics ... yes, I'm listening to your damn requests! All new volume comes LOADED with FIVE brand new scenes, including a violent foray into pain and pleasure ... "When Kagney gets turned down for a date by her co-worker, Mr. Pete, she gets revenge like many a woman scorned - she spreads scandalous rumors about the man who broke her heart. When news of this gets back to Mr. Pete he confronts Kagney and gives her what she wanted all the while - his dick in her vertical smile... PSP (Pornstars Punishment)-style!" ... same old warning to those of you who may be a bit squeemish about these things. This is a 'punishment' scene. It is a pseudo-violent fantasy scenario. Don't take this shit too seriously! That having been said ... this is an AWESOME scene. Kagney really gets POUNDED to within an inch of her life. Great humorous set-up, leading to a brilliantly acted pay-off! Also included in this latest addition, Kagney's never ending attempts at keeping secrets from her hubby, "After his boss leaves Kagney in his care, Ramon knows that it's only a matter of time before she tries to seduce him. After a day of shopping, it finally happens. Kagney wants Ramon, but he's a faithful soldier. After getting a little fashion show, Ramon leaves knowing full well what's coming next. It's only a matter of time though." Really, Ramon needs to be convinced to gnaw on those PERFECTLY shaped, milky tits? If I were Ramon's Boss, I'd have his mental capacity checked ... he's either brutally stupid, or just fucking dead.
* * *

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set - $40  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
6-DVD Set - $48  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
7-DVD Set - $56  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
8-DVD Set - $64  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 7,700 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #2) - (over 6,100 pics) - $5

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