BRANDY TALORE - Collector's DVD Compilation


"It is a long standing philosophical fact that mankind is constantly looking for big, beautiful jugs - from which we can all suckle comfortably, while seeking a deeper meaning. Succulent handfuls of paradise - to be gently stroked while pondering the 'big' questions. You see, it's all in the name of philosophy." - The Raven King

Initially, you may be taken back by how Angelic that face is - how pure and nubile. You almost can't believe that Brandy Taylor is one of America's hottest new adult film starlets. Then ... inevitably, the camera will pan down, and you get your first look at that HEAVENLY HUGE rack. Then ... it all makes perfect sense. Each breast is an island unto itself, each nipple perfectly inviting, absolutely tempting. The face of an untouched Angel - the rack of a pure slut ... it is perhaps, the most perfect combination in the business. It is the Madonna/Whore complex at its finest.

It's getting harder and harder to find Brandy Taylor (sometimes spelled 'Talore') on anything other than her own web-site. Brandy is the quintessential 'girl next door' and has one of the most SPECTACULAR natural racks in the adult film industry. She is at her very best when she gives her 'innocent little girl' performances, with her tell-tale baby-talk, and wonderfully big brown eyes. Entering her second year in the industry, Brandy has pretty much packed up her stuff and gone home ... to her own web site. So finding these early ESSENTIAL scenes are a rare and special treat. Brandy is the PERFECT 'Daddy's Little Angel' with those unbelievable 36 DDDs ... We should all be thankful that those oh so innocent looks can be VERY deceiving!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Brandy and an assortment of her friends.

- Just what will the nubile Brandy Taylor do for cash? Exactly how far will she go? This scene examines that question in every detail. First, our girl, Brandy gets in a car with two lecherous older men. Then, they begin giving her hundred dollar bills for 'little favors' ... it starts off innocently enough, with her just stripping down to her lovely black bra, but soon, the money gets harder to earn. Brandy winds up making a killing as both guys double-team her and really make her earn her money. Great stuff as Brandy gets her baby fat slapped around a bit, and both dudes really enjoy her mountainous rack.

- The real beauty of living in high rise apartment buildings is that you never know who'll step off that elevator. When Brandy Taylor (credited as 'Talore' here) introduces herself to a new neighbor, you just know that this dude has hit the jackpot. Soon, they are back at Brandy's apartment, and her tight little denim skirt is quickly raised over her lovely hips, revealing some delicious black panties. Soon after that, her little pink t-shirt is stripped away to reveal two of the most intimidating boobs in the business. Surely, we'd all love to move into this building ... I wouldn't even mind the security deposit!

- How about a good old fashioned three-way with MOUNTAINS of breasts involved? Sound good? Well, Brandy and friends take you on a full top-heavy assault through this FANTASTIC three-way romp. Classic breast play, suckling, even a little boob-slapping for good measure. Vintage Brandy, doing exactly the type of scene she was built to do.

- And there's plenty more!

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (over 8000 pics) - $5

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