ROXY DEVILE - Collector's DVD Compilation

34C-24-34 ... ALL ROXY ... ALL THE TIME!!!

Put simply, Roxy DeVille is a Cum-Dumpster of the first order. A filthier slut has NEVER existed ... in other words, she's PERFECT!

Here's a little something for those of you that like your porn "DIRTY" ... Roxy DeVille is about as dirty, sleazy, slutty as they come ... and we wouldn't have her any other way. Entering her fifth year in the industry (she started in 2002), Roxy is really beginning to develop one of the internet's stronger fan bases. Always willing to engage in the FILTHIEST acts on film, Roxy has become a favorite on all of the more popular pay-sites, and has begun branching out into feature films. You can check her out here, in some early AND recent scenes featuring Roxy at her horny best!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Roxy and an assortment of her friends.

- Roxy DeVille and her girlfriend (porn super-star) August are just hanging out, riding their Go-Karts, and kicking back. When all of a sudden, a challenge is issued by a cocky young stud. He challenges the girls to a race ... if he wins, they BOTH have to go DOWN ... and EVERYTHING else that he wants. It's hard to tell whether or not Roxy actually wants to win this one. Non-stop three-way action ensues, and it is all shot very nicely. Looks like they rented out the entire Go-Kart facility so no one would hear the girls screaming. Nicely done!

- Roxy DeVille has had a few drinks for lunch. Unfortunately, her Boss notices. The only way Roxy can save her job is to "play ball" with the horny old Lech. Roxy (in my opinion) is sporting her most attractive look in this Office fantasy scene. She really comes across well as the naughty office slut, and some really good straight forward sex action ensues, climaxed with a wonderfully satisfying pay-off shot. This is one of Roxy's most famous early scenes, and probably one that helped push her into the lime-light.

- Kat is the world's naughties Nanny. When she and her girlfriend, Roxy get together, it can only be an extra treat for her horny old Boss. A very nice and dirty three-way with no holes barred. The girls wind up black-mailing the dirty old man, but I don't think he minds. Plans are made for this to be a regular thing, and Roxy is given an open-ended invitation. You can ALWAYS use a second Nanny!

2-DVD Set - $16

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