JADA FIRE - Collector's DVD Compilation

36DD-24-36 ... ALL JENAVEVE ... ALL THE TIME!!!

Southern California native, the Ebony Goddess, Jada Fire has been starring in some of the lewdest (and downright nastiest) scenes in the business for the past few years. A nine year veteran of the adult film industry, Jada has excelled at straight, lesbian, and group action ... Jada is very much at home with serious ANAL ACTION, and doesn't shy away from DOUBLE PENETRATION either. Quite frankly, there is NOTHING that Jada Fire hasn't tried through the years, and she loves getting it on film!

Captured here, in this brand new Raven King Collection, are some of Jada's hottest scenes from various internet sites, and feature films. A little of everything that Jada is into. Everything from group settings, serious role-playing, and nasty anal assaults! See why Jada has gone on to become one of the most prolific black actresses in the business ... she just can't get ENOUGH! Come and see why! 

DVDs contain nothing but scenes featuring Jada Fire and an assortment of her friends.

- Jada Fire is the kind of Doctor we all want to look up. She has no problem getting her patients to drop their pants for her "examination" and she certainly doesn't stop there. Watch as Jada uses her mouth to investigate any bruises (particularly in the groin region) her stud patient may have developed. Once Jada's lab coat comes off ... that little mini-skirt can't be far behind. Some very nice role-playing, and Jada clearly has a lot of fun with the whole 'Dirty Doctor' fantasy.

- Jada Fire is part of the internationally renown, BIG DICK AGENCY, and shes after their number one victim Criss Strokes. After catching him in the park she brings him into custody so she could interrogate his cock. Let's just say that she gives him the full treatment. Nothing like a big set of boobs taking charge! I don't see her 'prisoner' complaining either.

- Jada Fire works in the Naughtiest Office in America. Her boss is constantly asking her to tell him about her sexual exploits; many of which have taken place right there, in the office. This scene opens up with some FANTASTIC phone sex, as Jada gets her boss hot and bothered. Before too long, it's more than either of them can stand, and Jada HAS to see this man's cock. The rest, as they say, is inter-office history. Another great take on the old 'Office Sex Romp' scenario ... and executed to perfection!

- "Do you like my BIG ... BLACK ... WET ... ASS?" As if she really has to ask. Jada takes a turn on one of the industry's classic Wet Butts series, and it's worth it just to watch her oil up that PERFECT ass. Lots of great anal action as Jada isn't going to lube up just for show. This is truly what Jada does best ... she is a complete Anal Queen, and that ass has seen a lot of action!

- And there's plenty more!


2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (over 8500 pics) - $5

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