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A wide-eyed ravisher who always seemed to have a great time on camera, Porn Star Mika Tan turned lots of heads during her initial brief stint in the industry. Mika Tan was a youthful looking beauty who hailed originally from Guam. She got into the game sporting some mouthwateringly natural 34A breasts, but she got them pumped up to bigger proportions soon afterward. In fact, Mika Tan claimed that the whole reason she got into porn in the first place was to be able to afford a boob job!

Whatever the reason she got into it, Mika Tan was one of the most enthusiastic and eager young women on the scene. She made her debut in 'More Dirty Debutantes 105,' joining Ed Powers, Coco and Rika for a fun-filled foursome. She later returned for a few more sessions with Ed Powers, joining him for some spunky and energetic romps. Mika Tan ended up taking a brief hiatus from the porn scene in early 2005, after shooting just fifteen hardcore features. Apparently she saved up enough to pay off the boob doc. She left behind lots of fans and a collection of sex scenes that are unrivaled in their energy and passion. Her triumphant return has been met with skyrocketing popularity among internet and DVD shoppers! Simply put, Mika Tan was one gal who always had a good time when she was on a porn set. You'll have almost as good a time watching.

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Mika and an assortment of her friends.

- Mika Tan is being interrogated by some of the nastiest spies in the porn industry. Fortunately, she knows the ropes. Just keep speaking to them in your native Japanese, and occasionally spit in their faces. That'll work so well, that after awhile, they'll be forced to keep your mouth FULL any way they can ... and you LOVE it! Mika turns the table on her jailers very nicely and winds up getting the last laugh ... and last mouthful!

- Mika Tan is the interview Bitch from Hell!!! Just ask the poor guys she has to interview. One by one, she's disposes of them with a nasty vigor. Finally, one young stud decides to shut her up the only way he knows how ... by banging her into submission! Some wonderful office setting scenery that really gives the whole scene a proper business look ... now if only Mika will stop yelling at those poor dudes. Maybe she'll lighten up a bit after taking the young stud for all he's worth right there in her office. Mika looks great in glasses ... especially when she gets them "messy" ... oh yeah!

- "It's not what it seems!" Well, what else can a guy say when he's caught red-handed sniffing panties on a panty raid? Mika can't believe this young stud snuck into her bedroom and started sniffing her pretty little panties. She's going to have to show him a lesson. Up goes the her little mini-skirt, and all of a sudden, the panty-sniffer has something REAL to sniff! This is Mika at her very best ... and horniest!

- And there's plenty more!

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24 (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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