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Pig tails, pleaded skirts, seductive pouts, and nasty, nasty scholastic attitudes! That's what keeps the school-girl genre alive and well in the modern adult industry. With that as a back-drop, in walks Sunny Lane. Redefining the genre, and giving us a whole new take on the 'perky but nasty' angle, Sunny is quickly building a reputation as the go-to girl for these types of roles. Sunny started her meteoric rise in 2005 and is still going strong today. Having worked her way through various on-line sites and onto feature films, Sunny has become one of the darlings of the internet community. These scenes collect for the first time anywhere, Sunny in her early stages of stardom, as she is clearly honing her skills and styles. Everything that would come later began here, in these early looks at a future industry super-star. Sit back, and remember that girl you fantasized about way back when in home-room ... sooner or later, Sunny Lane BECOMES that fantasy!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Sunny and an assortment of her friends.

- Pig tails, pleaded skirt, and white cotton panties - who would ever suspect this darling school girl was going to plant a video camera somewhere in order to set up her poor unsuspecting teacher? How can Sunny be this cruel? Obviously, there's no chance that her dirty old teacher will be able to resist such a package. Well, if you have to be set up, I can think of worse ways to go about it. Tremendous amounts of up-skirt action, as well some fantastic ass worship and baby talking. This is quintessential Sunny Lane, and has ALL her best attributes on display. There is no one who does the school girl fantasy like Sunny, and this scene is the apex of the entire genre.

- A micro-mini denim skirt is probably no way for your child's nanny to dress, but that doesn't stop Sunny Lane. Sunny plays the perfect nanny in this wonderfully lecherous little fantasy. From her delicious little outfit, to her awkward flirtations with her boss, Sunny really sells this scene. A nice little twist to this classic set-up involves Sunny excusing herself from her Boss to go make a call to one of her girlfriends, where she openly discusses her lusting for the older man ... of course, Sunny doesn't notice that the baby monitor is turned on and that he is actually listening to every word she's saying. Naturally, upon learning of Sunny's lust for him, her Boss is only too happy to give some added attention to America's favorite Nanny.

- Industry LEGEND, Tom Byron loves to administer good spankings to naughty girls. Sunny Lane has been very naughty and gets exactly what she deserves. This INCREDIBLE scene is highlighted with tons of foreplay shots as Tom Byron spends time dry humping a still dressed Sunny. Slowly, as each layer of Sunny's clothing comes off, we're reminded of what it takes to become a genuine legend (and Adult Film Industry Hall Of Famer) in this business in the first place. This is truly a generational summit, and our girl Sunny really holds her own on screen with the esteemed Mr. Byron.

- Sunny's nubile face gives away any possibility that could actually be someone's Doctor, but really, I don't think her VERY lucky patient cares too much. Sunny delights him (and us as well) with her very appealing white, thigh high stockings, which she keeps on throughout the entire scene. Nor would you expect your Doctor to feature such delightful baby talk when she examines you ... but again, I don't see anyone complaining.

- And there's plenty more!

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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