SHYLA STYLEZ - Collector's DVD Compilation


Shyla Stylez is quickly redefining the image of the classic Blond Bombshell. This Canadian born Angel has been setting movie sets ablaze since 2001, and has gotten better and more daring with each passing year. Collected here,is a taste of Shyla at her ripest. While Shyla continues to blow away fans and pros alike, we are treated to some of the best adult vignettes to grace our DVD players in ages. Her raw sexuality can sometimes only be rivaled by her very rare acting skills. Shyla knows how to take your run of the mill action scene, and add subtle set-ups and details. You'll notice immediately how comfortable directors are with actually giving her credible lines in these features.

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Shyla and an assortment of her friends.

- Watch Shyla as she encounters a beefy gardener, who just so happens went to high school with Shyla. Once Shyla fully recognizes this stud, she confronts him about making fun of her in high school. Certainly he is bound to regret his foolish behavior as a student now that he SEES how nicely Shyla has grown. She proceeds to accept his apology, and even decides to add a little bonus to his gardener pay.

- What exactly is the PERFECTLY busty Shyla willing to do to get the answers to the exam that everyone at school is so worried about? Well, her class-mate is about to find out. Shyla is left with an intriguing decision to make; will she satisfy her creepy class-mate to get what she wants, or will she try to seduce her decrepit old teacher. Seeing the obvious opportunity presented to her, our girl Shyla shows her snotty class-mate what it takes to get straight A's.

- Shyla Stylez has got to be the most provocatively dressed Doctor in medical history. Can you really blame her patient (the poor guy) if he can't keep his mind on the examination at hand? How can Shyla help him relax so that she can do her job? Surely, our girl, Shyla will come up with something!

- Watch what happens when Shyla's married neighbor just happens to come over to "talk" to her. To be fair, watching Shyla in that low cut blouse, and skin tight jeans might be too much for ANY married man to refuse. Some of Shyla's finest deep throating action here, and some great 'near gagging' highlights this great naughty neighbor bit! Living next to Shyla means never having to say you're sorry!


* * *
Add an optional THIRD Two-plus Hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
Brand new addition to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FIVE new scenes, including sweet little Shyla the naughty schoolgirl ... "Shyla knows the secret to passing her social studies class is to "convince" her T.A, Alex, to help her out. Since Alex isn't really in a position to make any real decisions, Shyla is going to have to offer him a little more to get that passing grade!" ... yeah, you can probably tell that I LOVE this scene. The little outfit alone makes it a must-see! New volume also includes the ultra-sexually-charged 'Punishment' scene ... "Shyla and James are recently divorced and have to deal with the fact that they work together and her new boyfriend is the boss. James overhears his boss and Shyla talking about their upcoming date and how she wants his dick way up her ass. Already on a short fuse, he flips out because his boss is fucking his ex-wife up the ass when he was never aloud. So he decides to get what he deserves from the divorce settlement and that's a piece of her ass." ... you gotta love this pseudo-violent romp. The Dude is pissed because he never got to fuck his gorgeous wife in her tight little ass-hole! How fucking brilliant of a plot line is that? While I'm at it, I should probably mention that the third disc in Shyla's set is probably my personal favorite. Check it out and see if you agree ... if so, you can thank me later.
* * *

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Add an optional FOURTH Two-plus Hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
New DVD includes a very special 'Oil Her Up And Watch Her Go' scene featuring the spectacular, CARMELLA BING! That's TWO sets of SPECTACULAR tits getting lubed up and titty-fucked for your pleasure ... and I think THEY like it too! Two of porn's hottest BIG TIT Queens in one 'messy' and wild scene! New disc also includes Shyla's triumphant return to the school-girl genre, as she gets back into her little pleaded mini-skirt, and back into the class-room! Some WONDERFUL upskirt action, as Shyla seems to have a difficult time picking up her pencil. This is how the class-room fantasy was meant to be shot! This is yet another wonderful trip down memory lane, as Shyla is forced to take whatever her teacher has to give her ... in EVERY hole!!!
* * *

* * *
Add an optional FIFTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
New DVD include Shyla's FANTASTIC turn in the feature film, 'Big Wet Asses' - some wonderful bikini dancing, and ass-lubing before some red hot no holes barred FUCK & SUCK action! Shyla's bikini dancing/strip-tease at the begining of this scene is worth the price of admission all on it's own! Also included in this jam-packed new disc, a fantastic FORTY-FIVE minute real wife swapping story, in which Shyla plays the frustrated house-wife. Of course she's fucking frustrated ... she's married to an old geezer! Fear not, Shyla finds a young cock to ride in no time. Some great panty modeling here, as Shyla spends some time trying on her various 'come fuck me' outfits to please her pathetic old husband! FOUR BRAND NEW scenes in all!!!
* * *

* * *
Add an optional SIXTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
New DVD includes the now famous 'Prison Sluts' scene featuring Shyla the prison guard ... on duty, and ready to serve! Some wonderful pseudo-rape stuff early on in this scene that turns into some smokin hot all-out assault action. Shyla is very comfortable with a night-stick ... and behind bars! New disc also includes another VINTAGE Shyla office fuck scene! She's done a few of these, but there is just always something about Shyla's tits being exposed in an office environment that strikes a nerve with this cubicle commando. Doesn't hurt that she's sporting some of the skimpiest little red G-string panties ever set to film! What's lies beneath those little panties isn't anything to sneeze at either! Come check out what I mean!!!
* * *

* * *
Add an optional SEVENTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
New DVD includes Shyla's attempt at mastering her Basketball skillz ... da skillz dat pay da billz ... as they say. Let's face it, with tits like those, Shyla could play on any team she wants. Some really nice playground sucking and fucking as Shyla earns her stripes as a 'baller' ... I think the Knicks could use her. New disc also includes tons more Anal action, as Shyla gets wet and wonderful ... and then fucked in the ass ... repeatedly! Shyla's perfect ass is open for business ... both lubed AND dry! Once again, Shyla shows why she is among the internet's most popular sluts ... she's willing to do it ALL!!!
* * *

* * *
Add an optional EIGHTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
No, the Raven King can NOT get enough Shyla! New disc comes LOADED with FIVE brand new scenes! It is Shyla Stylez at her very best ... and EVERY HOLE! Check out Shyla as a NAUGHTY (but athletic) work-out whore who loves to get ass-fucked at her local gym. How exactly is a guy supposed to work out with kind of distraction. Those tiny little booty-shorts she's wearing make the scene an absolute highlight, and they don't even stay on that long! Lots of inter-racial and two-on-one action throughout the disc, with a little bondage thrown in for good measure! There's even a little something to get you into that holiday spirit as Shyla teams up with porn superstar, Carmella Bing in a sexually charged pornographic Xmas special! Santa's little helpers get helped until they SCREAM for more! This scene marks the most erotic use of Candy Canes in film history ... naturally.
* * *

* * *
Add an optional (and obscene) NINTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
Have I mentioned before that I can NOT get enough Shyla Stylez? Simply put, this girl is doing some of the BEST porn of the past decade. She absolutely exudes raw sexuality in every scene, and she's actually getting better as her scene total and over-all popularity continue to climb! New disc comes loaded with FOUR brand new scenes featuring Shyla doing what she does best ... sucking, fucking, and taking it in the ass! Included in this new volume, Shyla's return to the Cheerleader genre! Shyla's jock boyfriend is caught cheating on her, and drives her to seek out comfort from the school nerd! Shyla looks INCREDIBLE in her little cheerleader outfit and looks even better as she's getting double-fucked on the classroom desk. Some absolutely BRILLIANT double-penetration, and some straight up anal violation ... great stuff, as Shyla gets STUFFED for her troubles!
* * *

* * *
Add an optional (this is just fucking ridiculous) TENTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
Brand new addition to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FOUR more scenes, including Shyla's new take on the old 'Prison Bitch' scenario. Shyla is the new 'meat' in this womens prison, and the other girls are immediately out to get her. Some fantastic psuedo-violence in the prison shower, as three of the other inmates try to assault Shyla ... some really nice all-nude and all-girl shower action to start up the scene, which ends up with Shyla getting fucked out of her mind by the sadistic prison guard ... NO HOLES BARRED prison action as Shyla even takes it in that gorgeous ass! Great stuff, and really shot perfectly! New installment volume also includes some of Shyla's funniest work on her 'The Office' parody scene. Lots of laughs for fans of the original show, and some more red hot fuck and suck board-room action as our girl, Shyla shows the business world just how office moral should be taken care of! It must be said, that I (your humble Lord Of Ravens) realize that I am biased, but Shyla Stylez does some of the BEST scenes in all of porn! She just keeps getting better, so I guess I'll have to just keep adding more discs to the collection. Fortunately, I don't hear anyone complaining. Enjoy ... and you can all thank me later.

* * *

* * *
Add an optional (STILL fucking ridiculous) ELEVENTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
Yet another new installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FOUR brand new scenes - including Shyla's ongoing efforts to get a good deal on a new car. You would think that all she'd have to do is flash those HUGE PERFECT TITS at any salesman and certainly he'd be willing to make her a sweet deal. Shyla not only gets the vehicle of her choice, but she gets fucked out of her mind as well. First in the front seat of a show-room car, then in the salesman's private office. Nice lengthy scene, with lots of set-up and a nice humorous touch. Lots of great fucking/sucking action as well ... that's one lucky sales dude! Also included in this new volume - the wonderfully produced, 'Quantum Of Sluts' (James Bond spoof) scene ... guest starring porn superstar, Gina Lynn! That's a lot of Blonde On Blonde action, as two of porn's hottest blonde bombshells go at it with each other, and the James Bond character. Great 3-way romp!
* * *

* * *
Add an optional (MORE insane than ever) TWELFTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an optional $8! 
The Raven King has been striving for this moment for some time now ... some of you have actually already figured it out. I've been wanting to get together enough material to put together the Shyla Stylez Dirty Dozen Set. That, and I just like the way 'Dirty Dozen' sounds. Whatever my motivation ... that's a lot of Tits! Latest installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FOUR brand new scenes - including Shyla's return to one of her favorite role-playing scenarios ... the horny secretary! Some wonderful ass-play and anal assault highlight this very solid office fantasy. Shyla even delivers some nice upskirt action. New DVD also includes the EPIC 'The Good, The Bad And The Slutty' scene. Simply a masterpiece of pornographic film-making. This brilliantly executed classic western spoof features some top notch acting from Shyla and porn superstar, (and Raven King favorite) Nikki Benz! Everything about this scene is worth checking out. Exquisite production values, great costumes (all that cleavage ... perfect fishnet stockings ... ah, you gotta love the old west), and red hot three way sex action! I have always been an advocate of high concept porn, and this scene has all the necesarry ingredients to pull it off ... including, all those TITS!
* * *

* * *
NEW INVENTORY JUST ADDED!!!  (DISC #13) (Yeah, like I was really going to stop at twelve.)
Add an optional THIRTEENTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
Just when you thought I was done paying homage to the Goddess, Shyla Stylez ... fucking think again, buddy. Latest installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FOUR brand new scenes, including Shyla's entrance into the Lonely Hearts Club and she could use a little "prick me up" ... seriously, who the Hell breaks up with Shyla!?!?!? ... "Shyla's high school sweetheart, Lee, breaks up with her and leaves her in a broken hearted mess. Scott finds Shyla sulking in the halls and comforts her. He tell her that she's too hot to be tied down to Lee and shows her how much fun she could be having with him." ... and just like that, BIG BEAUTIFUL TITS get licked and sucked, and her broken heart is healed. I just love a happy ending (just ask the girls at my local massage parlor). Seriously, Shyla has always been at her best in the class room scenario. Watching her get her sweet pussy POUNDED right there in the hallway is worth the price of admission all be itself, toss in some great upskirt action, and I was sold. You will be too. Also included in this latest opus, our girl, Shyla goes country ... "Shyla's got a touch of stage-fright before her country singing debut. The owner of the honky tonk wants her relaxed for the performance so he gives her a hot beefy meat injection to settle her nerves!!!" ... very sweet of that owner to FILL Shyla's sweet snatch with cock to get her to concentrate on her performance. I gotta buy myself a country music bar. And for good measure, we always like to visit Shyla at home ... "Shyla is late for an interview and the City workers have her driveway blocked. She's so frustrated because they insist it will take hours before they can move their equipment. She runs into the house to report this to the Mayor but the Field Manager stops her and tells her she needs a filling in her ass to relax. Shyla needs cock so bad and wont think twice to get some of her tax dollars back this way." ... okay, I mention this scenes specifically because it features EVERYTHING that I love about Shyla. Firstly, she's in this spectacular little mini dress that gave me an instant hard-on ... secondly, she gets ABSOLUTELY ASSAULTED IN THE ASS. Nobody does anal like Shyla. The whole scene is just a lot of fun, with a cool set-up that allows Shyla to work on her acting chops a bit before getting EVERY FUCKING HOLE STUFFED WITH COCK. I loved this scene. Hope you agree. Enjoy!
* * *

* * *
NEW INVENTORY JUST ADDED!!!  (DISC #14) (While others waste time sleeping, the Raven King is plotting MORE Shyla Stylez DVDs ... just fucking deal with it.)
Add an optional (Holy fucking shit) FOURTEENTH two-plus hour Shyla Stylez DVD for an additional $8!
That's right, I got more. You can thank me later. Latest installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FIVE brand new scenes, including Shyla Stylez at her ALL HOLES FILLED BEST ... "Shyla Stylez has shot so many scenes for the mighty Brazzers team, that she's starting to lose her grip on reality. Is she experiencing the greatest gangbang of her life or is it all a dream ... a cream within a dream?" ... I'll be blunt, this is the scene that cemented the creation of this fourteenth disc. I just HAD to get this one out there for the Shyla Stylez faithful. There is nothing this scene lacks. It's got some very nice Shyla masturbation stuff in the begining, and breaks right into Shyla GETTING FUCKING ASSAULTED by FOUR dudes! The site of Shyla sucking off two guys at once, while getting her pussy AND ass POUNDED all at the same time is just not to be missed. This is an all-time Shyla Stylez classic, and I don't say that lightly. Also included in this latest addition, nepotism in the work place never looked this fucking good ... "Keiran's boss, Mr. Stylez, needs to put his unemployed daughter to work. He convinces Keiran to take her on as his personal assistant, but it isn't long before Shyla's massive tits and juicy twat are tempting him to test just how well he fits in with the new recruit." ... I'd say he fits in rather tightly. And for good measure, how bout a little more ASS INVASION, or, as some may say, GOING IN THROUGH SHYLA'S BACK DOOR ... "This is a story of neglect leading to betrayal. Betrayal defined as getting ASS FUCKED by the gardener while your husband is at work. After the FUCKING GORGEOUS Shyla puts forth a dutiful effort to fuck her husband and winds up getting neglected ... we should mention that Shyla has always suspected that she married a closed homosexual ... she finds another candidate to fill that sweet snatch and tight little ass hole. She happens to have two perfect candidates waiting for her ride outside who would be more than willing to give her exactly what she needs ... someone to go through her backdoor." ... not sure what I think about these older, remastered scenes. I'm going to need some feedback before I decide if they're worth remastering in the first place. But in any event, this is just a great classic Shyla scene, and well worth revisiting as fans. That ASS never disappoints. Enjoy!
* * *

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24      (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32      (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set - $40      (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
6-DVD Set - $48      (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
7-DVD Set - $56      (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
8-DVD Set - $64      (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
9-DVD Set - $72      (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
10-DVD Set - $80    (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
11-DVD Set - $88    (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
12-DVD Set - $96    (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
13-DVD Set - $104  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
14-DVD Set - $112  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 7,500 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #2) - (over 7,800 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #3) - (over 6,900 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #4) - (over 7,200 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #5) - (over 7,800 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #6) - (over 7,300 pics) - $5

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