SAVANNAH GOLD - Collector's DVD Compilation

34DD-24-34 ... ALL SAVANNAH ... ALL THE TIME!!!

And so, a new British Invasion does indeed dawn upon our shores. The SPECTACULAR, British Blond Bombshell (formerly known as Natalie Heck), Savannah Gold has begun her triumphant takeover of the Adult industry on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Sporting two of the most gorgeous 34 DDs in the business and a WILDLY erotic English accent, this Yorkshire native has completely immersed herself in her sensational on-line (usually through pay-sites) work. There is no genre Savannah will shy away from; from the nastiest group banging, to the sweet little school girl, to the ultra-powerful lady executive who DEMANDS respect from her employees, Savannah sells each role with a deft touch indeed. And there is always something about slut-talk with an English accent.

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Savannah and an assortment of her friends.

- Why can't Savannah ever get to her aerobics class on time? And to make matters worse, she makes such a commotion when she finally gets there, with those big beautiful breasts bouncing up and down (I swear they jingle!), the instructor finds it next to impossible to concentrate on teaching his class. Fortunately, he has a little chat with Savannah after class, and confesses that he recognizes her as an adult film star. And of course, Savannah immediately recognizes that this stud is hung like an elephant! It doesn't take long for the instructor to help Savannah stretch out ALL of her muscles! Wonderful use of Gym background, and great set-up highlight this sizzling scene!

- Bikini modeling can only get you so far. But in Savannah's case, the few minutes of bikini posing is just a delightful set-up for some nice oil massaging, and an all out romp on the trusty couch. This early (American) scene features Savannah really getting comfortable in front of the camera, and tearing into that nasty British-sex talk that would become her trademark. This is sure to become an instant classic ... and a wet and wild Savannah is a very GOOD Savannah!

- Yes, Savannah is the Big Boss, and she WILL be obeyed. So when she barks out some orders on her cell phone, while riding in the back of her limo, she fully expects a young stud to be waiting and ready when she arrives. Fortunately for all involved, there is no disappointment. Savannah takes on the young stud right there in the drive-way! And she takes him for all he's worth! This scene is LOADED with erotic energy and practically sizzles with sexual heat. Great stuff!

- Why can't Savannah be a nice little school girl? I mean, she looks so damn cute in her little pleaded mini-skirt, surely her Daddy is expecting her to behave. So why does she wind up having to satisfy the lusts of her horny old teacher? And right there, on the class-room floor? It's almost indecent ... ALMOST! Wonderful bit of British Baby Talk that really helps transcend this classic class-room fantasy scene into something special. No holes barred action, and beautifully shot. Again, Great Stuff!

- And there's plenty more!

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (over 7500 pics) - $5

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