LIZA ROWE - Collector's DVD Compilation


Raise your hand if spotting a brace-faced cutie like Liza Rowe makes you picture blasting a hot steamy load across her succulent young lips. There are about a BILLION fantasies running through my (admittedly) evil mind right now. Lucky for you pervs (all of us), as of 2015, this little slut is fully open for business ... and HOT to work! Sweet little Liza is really cleaning up on the classroom and babysitter fantasies, and she looks like she'll continue to stretch out her acting chops as the years go by (yeah, she's going to get stretched out, all right). Seriously, I LOVE the braces. I don't know how long she'll have them on, so you better hop on these early scenes now. Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the panty fetishists out there (you know who you are) will LOVE these scenes!

- I know some girls are self-conscience about wearing braces, but c'mon ... even her step-bro wants to SLAM that luscious piece of ass and the braces just add to the eroticism ... "Nerd alert! Liza Rowe has just gotten a new set of braces. Worried about the effect her new orthodontic encumbrance will have on her salacious hunger for giant throbbing cock, she enlists the help of her big-boned step-brother Brad Hart to find out if her cock-sucking prowess has remained intact. Luckily for Brad, little slut Liza still knows how to swallow." ... as a side note, after the braces, those sweet little purple panties pretty much steal this scene. Just sayin.

- Is loyalty really such a big deal anymore? Really, if you had the chance to spend some time DEEP inside one of the tightest and juiciest little twat in all of modern porn, would you really care that she had some loser boyfriend ... "Liza Rowe is cheating on her boyfriend with his roommate. So while her man is at school hitting the books she's getting pounded by the roomy." ... another SPECTACULAR brace-face cutey in tiny little panties CLASSIC!

- Walking around in little panties and rubbing up against some dude should be enough to get those panties soaked. So why does Liza have to work so hard for this ... "Liza or as her Sean nicknamed her "Jo Jo", finds her stepdad so sexy and even though she keeps flirting with him, he keeps resisting her attempts. Liza finally found her opportunity when he fell asleep on the couch, so she started to play with herself while she fantasied about him. Her orgasm woke him up so she figured he wouldn't be able to resist her now! He told her that her behavior is out of hand but Liza took matters in her own hands as she showed him how wet she was for him. He finally gave in and Liza got that big black cock that she has been craving!" ... Sooner or later, the little panties ALWAYS win out.

- Listen, you HAVE to be able to rely on your babysitter. Otherwise, your wife will probably never shut up about it. You can't just hire any little slut in pussy-pincher shorts ... "Liza was called by the Babysitters Club to babysit but she got lost and couldn't find the house. When she finally got there the dad was upset that she was so late. But he let it slide because he didn't really need someone to watch his kid - he just wants to see how Liza and his kid get along. He went over all the rules with her before going to take a shower - that's when Liza put the baby down and called her friend to tell her how hot and sexy she thinks the dad is! She went and spied on him naked in the bathroom, then called her friend back to let her know what she saw! Unlucky for her, the dad had a baby monitor and heard every word! If she wanted to keep her job she had to work for it - so she filled her mouth with his cock, filling every inch down her throat! Then Liza got POUNDED hard by his large stick until he busted all over her cute face!" ... ok, maybe you CAN hire any little slut. So long as she's fully OPEN for business, of course.

- And there's plenty more!


2-DVD Set   - $16

3-DVD Set   - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set   - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set   - $40  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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