JILL KASSIDY - Collector's DVD Compilation 


A brand new face on the adult cinema scene, and hot to get SLAMMED every chance she gets ... Jill Kassidy proves they grow everything bigger in Texas, including her LIBIDO! Jill remains the Lone Star state's greatest export (that's right, she's better than oil). Jill is indeed, nubile and sweet while remaining incredibly nasty. Upon her spectacular entry into the industry, Jill was immediately scooped up by the higher quality online sites to feature her pristine qualities. Always willing to take on new roles, and an infinite amount of COCK, Jill's star is just now starting to rise in the industry. Catch these early scenes here, and see what everyone is so excited about.

- Good help is really hard to find ... especially when they make you hard ... "Beautiful young Jill seems like your average innocent babysitter, but in reality she's a horny nubile slut who daydreams about getting her tight little pussy POUNDED by huge cocks! Her dreams come true when Mr. Lee comes home early and catches her playing with her succulent little snatch. Looks like she's getting a bonus this week!" ... I guess online references won't be necessary here.

- A bad marriage is nothing to joke about. Everyone needs a caring soul to confide in .. especially the babysitter ... "Mario requests for Jill to watch his daughter while he's out for the day. When he gets home, he starts to get nervous because he sees that the door was left half open. He rushes inside. He sees that the entire house has been ransacked. He quickly searches for Jill to find out what happened. She explains to Mario that his wife got home early from brunch drunk out of her mind. She had a tantrum, messed up the house, got more drunk then passed out. Mario was sad to hear this, he thought his wife was doing better. He goes outside to reflect and Jill follows. Jill realizes Mario is a good man, and decides to alleviate his stress by giving him what he deserves. She spreads her long perfect legs so he can lick her juicy twat. Then he invades that succulent snatch and begins to forget how crappy his wife is. Eventually, he redecorates Jill's adorable little face with his personal supply of man cream. Instead of thinking about a new rehab for his wife, Mario is now thinking about bumping up his next scheduled appointment with Jill the babysitter." ... it's really nice of the sweet little babysitter to be so considerate.

- Always nice to have a job waiting for you when you graduate. A nice girl should certainly do ANYTHING for that kind of security ... "Toot-toot! Jill Kassidy’s calling it a day after a long week at the office where she’s interning, and she’s so horny to get home to her boyfriend she’s practically masturbating at her desk. Her boss Johnny catches her, so he decides to stop her before she leaves to congratulate her on her upcoming graduation and to also offer her a job! But the big boss has an ulterior motive: he’s horny as a jack rabbit! He’s a married man, but he wants some twenty-something college girl pussy instead! Jill would love to score a job right after graduation, and looking to further her career she figures there’s no harm in taking her soon-to-be boss’s huge throbbing rod right on top of her desk!" ... I am given to understand that this is how Harvey Wienstien handled his interns too! Wonder how that worked out for him.

- I always look for how the house keeper attires herself BEFORE hiring her. You want to make sure she values professionalism as much as possible ... "Seductive babe Jill Kassidy cleans the house in short shorts and a crop top with no bra. Her swaying hips and sweet singing attract Tyler Nixon's attention. Approaching her, he makes his intentions known with a deep kiss that causes Jill to lead him to the couch. Laying Tyler down, Jill kisses her way down his body and then tugs his jeans down until his massive hardon springs free. She takes him in her nubile mouth, sucking and stroking for the ultimate delight. Tyler can't keep his hands out of Jill's hair as she indulges in a BJ that leaves her demonstrating every evidence of true pleasure ... and professionalism." ... See what I mean about being a pro? Cleaning the house should always be thought of as for-play. Duh.

- And there's plenty more!


2-DVD Set   - $16
3-DVD Set   - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set   - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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