MELISSA MOORE - Collector's DVD Compilation


In an industry chock-full of bleached blondes with big fake tits, hazel-eyed beauty Melissa Moore is a breath of fresh air. More than just a sexy slut with a seductive stare, Melissa has an incredible all-natural body, flawless tanned skin, and some serious skills between the sheets. She's adorable and unmistakable, with chipmunk cheeks, perky natural tits, and a tight juicy booty that's impossible to take your eyes off of. But don't get it twisted; just because this Texan teen is a beauty queen, that doesn't mean she's some air-headed pageant chick! So no matter if your fantasies involve banging a southern beauty, slamming a Latina teen, or even seducing your doctor, not to worry, because Melissa Moore has got you covered!

HEAD'S UP ... Just another word of personal endorsement, Melissa Moore is probably my favorite school girl fantasy specialist of 2017. If you have similiar fetishes in your porn tastes, you will definitely want to give this cum-covered slut a look. As always, you can thank me later. - The Raven King

- When are these naughty little teeny-boppers going to understand that they have to PUT SOME PANTIES ON!!!! There's only one way to teach them this lesson ... forcibly ... "Teen Melissa Moore is ready to go to school without any panties beneath her uniform, but her step-dad Johnny Castle catches her before she can leave the house. He sends her upstairs to get dressed, but Melissa decides to masturbate instead. She's right on the edge of cumming when Johnny finds her and bends her over his knee for a good solid spanking that gets her wetter and hotter than ever. He can't resist the urge to drive a finger deep into her naughty little twat. Continuing to spank and squeeze, Johnny keeps it up until he can't stand another moment without Melissa's mouth wrapped around his rock hard staff. She drops to her knees happily and keeps her hands behind her back while her step-dad INVADES her sweet little mouth. When Johnny urges her onto her hands and knees, she takes his manhood DEEP in her greedy nubile snatch with a moan of absolute bliss. Once he starts POUNDING her, Johnny can't stop until they're both satisfied. Melissa takes a round of pussy pounding on her back, and then climbs aboard and rides her step-dad like her personal steed until her pleasure consumes her. Falling onto her side again, she puts her mouth back to work sucking Johnny off until he explodes in a juice shower all over her jiggling boobs." ... Melissa's ass was MADE FOR SPANKINGS ... check out this scene and tell me what you think!

- It's always important for a good principal to listen to his students when they feel bullied. Even if all you want, is a clear view of their panties beneath their little pleaded mini-skirts ... Melissa Moore has gone to the principal’s office to complain about how she’s being treated by her peers. Melissa is adamant about the fact that she sees nothing wrong with being the school slut, and no one agrees more than Preston Parker--after all, he is her princi-pal! Preston decides to sooth Ms. Moore the only way he knows how—by giving the slut and her beautiful boobs the undivided attention they deserve!" ... Truth be told, I'm ALWAYS a sucker for a professionally executed school-girl scene. This one is top notch. Enjoy!

- Oh, that sweet but naughty little nanny ... when we she learn ... the customer is ALWAYS right ... "How many times have you hoped and prayed that your hot-ass nanny would accidentally walk in on you while you’re naked and alone in the bedroom? Today’s your lucky day! Melissa Moore thinks she’s in the house alone, just doing her job, when she stumbles into her boss’s bedroom with the laundry basket and sees his big dick in her face! Melissa’s boss consoles her to make it not weird and awkward, and then just takes it ten degrees higher by seducing her! The horny young nanny welcomes his massive rock-hard schlong in her pretty little mouth, and then rides it like it’s part of her nannying duties!" ... where can I sign this broad up? Nowadays, you're lucky if your nanny jerks you off for a tip!!!

- Moving can be such a huge pain in the ass ... there's gotta be a way to make the tedious tasks a little more bearable ... "Wee little slut Melissa Moore is on the move! Ever the trooper, Melissa won't let the seemingly endless hassle of packing and boxing get her down. That's because she's got a special helper named Jesse Jones. What makes him so special? Why, it's his massive Johnson of course. Turns out these two GRIND machines are made for each other: not only do they both have names that sound like the civilian identities of second-tier comic book superheroes, they both crave the illicit pleasures of furious and forbidden afternoon PUSSY POUNDING sessions." ... get out the cardboard boxes and packing tape ... then POUND THAT PUSSY ... well, you gotta pack something.

- And there's plenty more!


2-DVD Set   - $16
3-DVD Set   - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set   - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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