LILY RADER - Collector's DVD Compilation


OK, so here's a fresh faced, cum-craving, white bread slut that REALLY looks like you need to check her ID before even watching her in action. Lily Rader is perfectly legal, though. And it's a good thing ... her work has been SCINTILLATING ever since she broke in last year (2015). I'm not sure what it is, but that beautiful itty-bitty-titty girl next door look just lends itself perfectly to some of the BEST spanking scenes in recent memory. Whether she needs disciplining from a horny old teacher, or she gets caught stealing from an angry black businessman, Lily is more than ready to say, "please, sir ... can't you just punish me?"... consistently some of the finest school girl romps in modern porn, and she's become an INSTANT Raven King person favorite. She also does a great job of "choking on that blow pop" ... an instant classic. Haven't been this hung up on the classic teeenie bopper genre since Jessie Rogers (pre boob job, of course) hit the scene. Check her out and see what I'm talking about ... you can thank me later.

- Oh, you just can't resist a teeenie-bopper on roller skates. Especially when she's all dolled up in her tiny little bikini, and sucking on a lollypop ... and playing the latest arcade hit, Ass Invaders! ... "Lily was playing an arcade game looking sexy as Hell in her roller skates and bikini. She shook her ass as she handled that joy stick. Her boyfriend, Sean, came by and noticed her playing. He began to help her with the game. Soon after, she was playing with HIS joystick. She sucked and banged that cock for all it was worth. She rode that dick as her round rump bounced on that cock with a jackhammer effect. She got her pussy drilled and got that man juice all over her pretty little face." ... ah, if they would only bring back the neighborhood arcade, this sort of thing might happen more often!

- Well, if that sweet little girl next door doesn't keep her grades up, chances are ... she's gonna need to get BLACKED, BLACKED, BLACKED and BLACKED some more ... "Luscious little Lily has disappointed her parents with her grades at school, resulting in her allowance being cut off. With it being summer break, and having no money to have fun with, she decides to make a little extra by babysitting for some of her neighbors. One of her customers is a hot black businessman (Simon Adebisi, Oz fans, rejoice) who isn’t short of money. Against her better judgement, Lily starts to steal cash from his night stand. It doesn’t take long before he catches her on camera, and when he confronts her, she tells him to punish her for her bad behavior. This naughty little girl is going to get what’s coming to her." ... I will be blunt, seeing that perfect little white ass get SLAPPED and SPANKED by the forceful black man was awesome. It should be noted that Lily gets absolutely PULVERIZED ... her sight little snatch is absolutely INVADED and she sells the pain and pleasure perfectly. THIS, is the scene that convinced me this girl was Raven King material.

- How about another bit of PUNISHMENT for a naughty little cock hungry girl next door? Seriously, how many times is she going to try stealing from her bosses? Yeah, it's only candy, but still. Time to PUNISH that ass once more ... "Lily gets a call from her babysitting company and gets set up with an uptight brash individual who is in a hurry. He tells her not to touch the paintings, dont touch his xbox or playstation and by no means DON'T EAT THE CANDY! I cant stress it enough, DON'T EAT THE CANDY LILY! Well, once our homeowner leaves for his valentines date, guess what Lily does? SHE EATS THE CANDY! He gets home early because the date went sour and guess what he found? NO CANDY! After threatening to fire her, she gets down on her knees and bargains with her mouth. This guy must be stressed with how rough he is with this poor little teeenie bopper. Its almost as if he just wants to PUNISH her. He spanks her, POUNDS her succulent twat from behind, makes her ride him, and makes her face look like a glazed donut." ... can't Lily just fly straight? It's babysitting. Does she really have to try and rip off every boss? Or maybe, she just likes to get caught? Hmmm.

- Wouldn't be a proper schoolgirl fantasy collection unless we hit the classroom. And would you believe it, Lily gets SPANKED there too ... "When sweet little Lily refuses to obey in detention, she needs to be punished for cheating in class. A spanking is much more suitable for her. Since Lily is a little slut, spanking leads to fingering, which leads to cock sucking, and so on." ... it's the upskirt action that draws us in on this one. A delightful pantied, then unpantied spanking, followed by some classic pussy pounding action.

- I don't normally dig sequels in modern porn, but I HAD to make an exception here. We return to Lily's viciously BLACKED experience, and up the ante ... "After Lily was caught stealing from the man she babysits for, she endured a sexual punishment that she could never forget. She loved the feeling of domination that he had over her, and when he sends her to one of his friends to continue the fantasy, she can hardly contain her excitement. When she arrives, she is surprised to find two BIG BLACK men there instead of the one she expects. The punishment starts almost at once, and in no time, she is in the throes of sexual temptation with both of them, leading to an experience that she could never have dreamed would happen." ... just in case little Lily wasn't FILLED enough in the earlier scene, the BIG BLACK studs decide to DOUBLE STUFF her! Intense and spectacular violation of the sweet, clean pussy!

- And there's plenty more!



2-DVD Set   - $16
3-DVD Set   - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set   - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set   - $40  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
6-DVD Set   - $48  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
7-DVD Set   - $56  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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