LEAH GOTTI - Collector's DVD Compilation


A fresh face on the porn scene, hot out of the Lone Star state, with an ultra-tight snatch-ass combo ... BOTH are fully open for business. Don't let that innocent 'girl next door' look and that incredible milky/creamy white skin fool you ... this cum guzzling whore can get down and dirty with the best of them, and she's been proving it since bursting on the scene in 2015. She's as young and nubile as anything we've seen come along in quite a while. With an 'all holes open' attitude, and a mouth that is just BEGGING for cock, Leah has been absolutely rocking the online community. How long with this little slut's star shine? Who knows, but you can catch her here, in her early/formative years. Follow along, as we watch her career continue to skyrocket. Don't say we didn't warn you. Leah Gotti is a future SUPERSTAR!

- The hottest piece of ass in the neighborhood DESERVES to get what she wants. And if that just so happens to be a BIG BLACK COCK in the TIGHT JUICY SNATCH ... then so be it ... time for this little angel to get BLACKED, BLACKED and MORE BLACKED ... "Leah is a privileged girl. Her parents spoil her with anything her heart desires. When her mother has a yoga lesson, Leah always spends her time admiring her (BIG BLACK) teacher, Jason. When her parents go out of town, and her mother forgets to cancel her usual session, Leah finds herself in the perfect position to make her fantasy a reality. She tells Jason that her mother has asked if Leah can take her place. Dressed in her most revealing outfit, she presses her tight body against him, giving him all the signs that she is craving him in every way. This young beauty always gets what she wants - and this time is no different." ... the real delight here is watching Leah in that yoga outfit ... check it out and you'll see what I mean.

- When will these girls realize that happily married men are trying hard to avoid their sweet, succulent snatch ... oh hell, I can't even say it without laughing ... "Beautiful little Leah Gotti has been hanging around Johnny's house just teasing the hell out of him (is that a pussy cat on the pussy section of her sweet little panties?). Johnny finally gives in (the pussy cat was just not fair ... pussy beneath pussy), forgets about his wife for a few minutes, and gives Leah that cock she's been craving." ... and it should be noted that he GIVES it to here in every way imaginable. It's ok, his wife is clueless ... they all are, aren't they?

- Everyone knows that best friend do indeed SHARE EVERYTHING. But does that necessarily mean that they share everything even in their PERFECT asses? If Leah wants it in the ass, does that mean that Keisha also gets to have some big hard man meat INVADE that ass? I don't know, but I think we might just find out by the pool ... "Leah and Keisha have been best friends for forever. They see each other almost every day and share all their intimate secrets. Leah has been dating Jean for a while now, and her ultimate fantasy is to share him with the one girl who means everything to her. On a hot sunny day by the pool, sexual chemistry is in the air, and Leah encourages Jean to kiss Keisha in the cool water. One thing leads to another and once they are in the house, still hot and wet, they embark on a sexual experience the three of them will be bonded with forever. From now on, its not just secrets these two beauties will share." ... did I mention that BOTH these succulent little whores take it IN THE ASS ... also worth noting, your Raven King is a big fan of any scene that starts out with the whores in those sweet high cut bathing suits. Have them splash around in the water for a bit BEFORE going inside and taking it in the ass ... that's just the creamy icing on the cake, baby!

- I always say, there is NOTHING wrong with cheating if you don't get caught. And if it means you get to POUND the sweetest snatch in porn, all the better ... "Leah Gotti (the naughtiest little bookworm you'll ever see) catches Xander trying to steal the answers to their next test. Leah is a teacher's pet and she is about to go snitch on Xander, but he convinces her that if she keeps it between them then she can hang out with him and the cool kids. Leah really wants to be cool. Luckily, being cool also means she gets to have that pussy POUNDED OVER AND OVER AND OVER!" ... bent over the desk like the dirty little whore that she is, one can't help but think, "yeah, that makes cheating worth it."

- Listen, step-dads of America, do NOT cock block the poor dudes looking to POUND your step-daughter's pussy. Especially if you're planning on doing it yourself ... "Derrick Pierce's step daughter Leah Gotti has a thing for bad boys and no matter how hard Derrick tries preventing her from dating her scumbags, she insists on going behind his back and getting SLAMMED by whomever she pleases. Derrick tries to explain that this is for her own benefit, but she sees it as a cock block stemming from his deeper intention to POUND her himself. She pulls her shirt out and bulldozers her father's face right into her sweet perfect tits giving him no other option than to seize the moment and show his naughty step-daughter what it feels like to be INVADED by a real man. Leah swallows Derrick's cock down her throat making it nice and hard for her tight pussy. She reverses herself over his dick and starts ridding her step-daddy hard as he thrusts his cock deep inside her hungry, wet snatch. She screams in mouthwatering back to back orgasms as he turns her over putting her into steamy positions so he can have the best view of her bouncing big teen ass. She begs her step-daddy to PULVERIZE her tight pussy hard and fast until he releases the mother load of juice all over her beautiful soft titties!" ... good god, those future family reunions are going to be weird.

- A sweet piece of ass like Leah shouldn't have to worry about money. There are always ways she can get by ... "Stunning Leah. A beautiful girl who has had to get a part time job to help pay for college. She babysits for a wealthy European man who pays her well, and makes no secret of the fact that he really likes her too. When his wife isn't home, he is always tipping her well for all her hard work. When all her chores are done, she loves nothing more than to skinny dip in his huge pool. One day he comes back unannounced, seeing a lot more than he expected. He wraps a towel around her and cannot resist caressing her body. Leah is about to embark on the biggest bonus she's had so far." ... and just like that, US/European diplomacy takes a horny and most lecherous turn.

- And there's plenty more!


2-DVD Set - $16

3-DVD Set - $24 (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32 (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set - $40 (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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