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The sweetest little cum-swallowing, anal invasion addict in porn has a pair of itty bitty titties that will drive you wild ... just check her ratings. The oddest thing about little Dakota Skye, is that for the first full year of her now sizzling porn career, she did NOTHING BUT ANAL scenes. It's like her pussy was just too damn tight for her own good. Fortunately, an army of well hung studs have since broken her in, and now ALL HOLES are open for business. If you like your women petite and freaky as hell, then Dakota Skye is just the slut for you. Standing at just five feet tall with a tight little ass, Dakota Skye doesn't look at first glance like the type of babe who would be able to handle a fat cock in her ass (or even in her super tight little snatch). But this blonde beauty is just crazy for cock of all sizes, colors and ferocity. Before entering the adult industry, this petite and pixie-ish beauty was a gymnast, cheerleader, and even marched in the band during her school days, but as soon as she turned 18 she started pursuing her true passion with nothing but a webcam, a dream, and her tight little body. A lifelong bisexual, this blonde-haired beauty loves the ladies almost as much as she loves cock, so make sure you keep an eye on Dakota Skye ... her star is rising (as your cock will be)!

- How hard should you INVADE your ex-girlfriend's little sister ... when she REALLY deserves a good solid (and forced) POUNDING? Well, let's see ... "Bill Bailey has come home to find his girlfriend’s sister Dakota Skye packing up half the household items. Turns out Bill is being dumped thanks in no small part to Dakota’s scheming. Bill calls his ex and tries to reason with her but to no avail, so he makes his next logical move: he takes out his big cock and lets his ex listen to the cacophonous sound of her slutty little sister getting SLAMMED in her sweet round booty." ... word to the wise, this scene is reminiscent of the classic (and sadly departed) series, Pornstars Punishment. If you dig it rough, then this is for you. If however, you find yourself to be a bit squeamish ... you may want to skip this particular scene. There ... you've been WARNED by the Raven King. You're welcome.

- Sweet girls at home all alone are NEVER safe. Especially when they've got anal yearnings that MUST be met ... "Teen slut Dakota Skye is home alone for the holidays, and there are two bumbling big-dicked burglars out to steal her anal virginity! After she teaches hapless robbers Bill Bailey and Mick Blue to never mess with a slut in her own home, she takes them upstairs to get a little holiday anal action from both of their big dicks! She starts with an awesome blowjob, and then takes both of their fat cocks deep in all of her holes until she's cumming hard and ready for a couple of big facial money shots!" ... Fantastic two on one INVASION of some of the tightest holes in the business. I bet that little slut was sore for weeks after this scene!

- You would think that BFFs would share everything, including their brother's big fat cocks with said BFF. But no, some chicks are just weird about such matters ... "Dakota Skye was over at her friend's place talking about their shared love of massive cocks when her friend's brother Keiran Lee came in wearing a tight pair of shorts that showed off his bulge. Dakota took one look and knew that she had to have that big dick for herself, but her friend wasn't having it. After she caught Dakota peeping on Keiran while he was in the shower, she kicked Dakota's slutty ass out and told her not to come back. Dakota snuck back in, found Keiran fresh out of the shower, and worshiped his fat cock until it was rock hard. She sucked and banged that big dick and then took it deep in her ass for an intense anal sex INVASION session that ended with a nice big facial SPLASH!" ... my sister never brought home any friends like Dakota when I was younger. Not complaining. Not bitter. Just say'n.

- Pretty school girl slut needs higher grades ... sound familiar? Well, check this out ... "Dakota Skye is not doing so great in class, so she goes and visits her teacher to see what she can do to get her grades up. He suggests that she go to tutoring. Dakota doesn't like working too hard though, so she offers up her A (as in ass) in exchange for an A in class." ... one would think this type of thing would be cliched ... but no, not when the classroom slut looks like Dakota. You'll see what I mean. And again, you're welcome.

- And there's plenty more!

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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