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It's always important to remind yourself when you look at that angelic face, that Amirah Adara is as FILTHY a SLUT as ANY girl in the business today! Her sweet (bordering on ADORABLE) smile, deep dark eyes and beautiful hair ... it's SO easy to forget that she absolutely LOVES to have EVERY hole INVADED and mercilessly POUNDED! This sensational Hungarian superstar was first brought to my attention with a SPECTACULAR "school girl on a train" entitled Nympho. This is of her more difficult scenes to find since it's been removed from the original provider's site. Nobody knows why, but there you have it. Fear not ... it's on disc one of the Raven King set.

I bring this particular scene up to make a small point. While fans have been salivating for this one scene for about 2 years (as of this writing in 2016), it is indeed a brilliant scene. Amirah is perhaps the BEST school girl fantasy that's cum along in quite some time, and the idea of her being INVADED on a train is pretty cool, and the whole scene is shot in a top notch fashion. Yes, I see why everyone is so into it. I would, however, just like to add that Amirah's school girl take in Teens Love Black Cock (quickly becoming the Raven King's FAVORITE site ... you should JOIN NOW, if you already haven't) is perhaps her FINEST scene ever, and undoubtedly the finest entry into the school girl fantasy genre to cum along in ages. Check it out (both scenes on disc one of the Raven King set) and tell me if you think I've lost my mind.

- Sometimes, being a commuter has its privileges ... "Amirah Adara is a certified nymphomaniac ... a real NYMPHO. No cock in the world is long or thick enough to satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite, and when she gets horny, there is no stopping her from diving mouth-first onto the first dick she sees. While traveling on the train today, Amirah seduced every man she could get her hands on, from the ticket-ripper she banged in the bathroom, to the random stranger off to the side, before finally settling on the catch of the day: Danny D and his massive prick. After Amirah gave Danny some sloppy mouth action, she took him deep in her snatch, before spreading her ass cheeks wide to get her back door stretched with an intense anal INVASION." ... and just like that, a star in American porn was born. Seriously, I can't remember another instance of ONE friggen scene getting so much word of mouth in the porn community.

- And that leads us right into what I'm calling, an INSTANT RAVEN KING ALL TIME CLASSIC SCENE ... "Amirah and her boyfriend got out of school early and while frolicking around the grounds she mentioned that she wanted to get high (oh, my kind of girl in EVERY friggen way). Lucky for her, her bf knows a guy - so they go and pay him a visit. Can you believe that he had the balls to go to his dealer to ask him for more green while he owed him a ton of cash?!?! Turns out, he planned on swapping out his girl for some dopeage to begin with - that's effed up, Dude! Once Amirah was told all about the details of their transaction, she was extremely hesitant (in perhaps her BEST bit of acting to date), but when she laid eyes on that black mamba all bets were off and her sweet succulent snatch was dripping wet with anticipation. Amirah dropped to her knees (where she belongs) and swallowed that monster whole - gagging the whole time! Her fat, plump, ass and tight juicy snatch got systematically DESTROYED by that giant mamba and she moaned with delight after every thrust! In the end, Amirah was covered in sweat from the POUNDING and her GORGEOUS little tits got doused with mamba sauce. Looks like she found her new dopeage guy!" ... As a connoisseur modern porn, I will now draw your attention to point in the action when the big masked black dude rolls Amirah over and gets ready to doggie-slam her. Her picture perfect ass is in the air, and that angelic face glances over at her boyfriend (who's just watching the action). Slowly, he enters her ... her facial expression is just load worthy right there and then. Again and again, he begins to POUND her ... the camera zooms in on that perfect face ... her boyfriend gets up and leaves. Just FANTASTIC craftsmanship on this scene all the way around. Those of you that have been following the Raven King for awhile know that when I get into a scene this much ... it's GOTTA be worth checking out. Enjoy!

- So how's about a little car wash snatch pounding for some afternoon diversion? What's that? It's your ex-girl friend? And she's a bit of a psycho? Well, you can't have everything ... but you CAN bury yourself in the sweetest snatch in current porn ... "Danny can’t believe his eyes when his crazy ex-side piece Amirah shows up at his house. The sexy cum slut is washing his car like they never broke up! Her big, wet ass looks incredible bent over the hood of his car, but his wife will be home any minute! Amirah tells him she’s not leaving without a nice hard POUNDING. Will Danny give in to big butt temptation?" ... well, that's a stupid question ... it wouldn't be a friggen scene if he didn't give in. Duh.

- And there's plenty more!





2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

5-DVD Set - $40  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
6-DVD Set - $48  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
7-DVD Set - $56  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
8-DVD Set - $64  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
9-DVD Set - $72  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
10-DVD Set - $80  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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