NIKKI DELANO - Collector's DVD Compilation 


Anybody in the mood for some ASS? I mean some absolutely, one hundred percent, PERFECT ASS!!! Yeah? Good ... step right up.

Listen, EVERYBODY loves a big, sweet, curvy Latina ass, and true connoisseurs accept no substitute for the impossibly perfect posterior of Nikki Delano. Her incredible booty has been attracting attention since she made her pornographic debut back in 2011. Of course, her mad cock-sucking skills and beautiful big man-made (or enhanced) tits haven't hurt, either! Nikki has been setting the porn scene ablaze since her debut, and she doesn't look like she intends to let up anytime soon. Already having earned a rabid fan base, Nikki's star is only getting brighter. Check her out here, in some of her earliest and best work to see what all the fuss is really about!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring the FANTASTIC LATINA SLUT, Nikki Delano and an assortment of her most letcherous friends and bang buddies!

- I can't think of anyway better to sell car washes than to put a PERFECT piece of ass in a bikini and get all soapy and wet ... particularly when she's got one of the most PERFECT asses on Earth ... "Nikki has an ass that won't quit and she's all ready, willing and able to show it off for all of you ... every single sweaty inch of that PERFECT ASS. After a sexy little tease in which she washes a car (car + ass = a dream come true), she heads inside to find a good hard dick waiting for her attention. This is a seriously wet and messy scene that's going to rock your cock!" ... and make you look for a new car wash to patronize!

- You know, sometimes you just gotta make an example of your naughty, misbehaving Secretary. As a matter of fact, sometimes, you just need to really PUNISH her ... even if it means TEARING UP THAT PUSSY ... "Nikki is a low income Secretary that's always used by her boss to keep the clients happy. She is basically, WHORED out by her pimp of a boss. In particular the eccentric millionaire Mick Blue, who has brought a large amount of cold hard cash to seal a deal. Nikki finds the opportunity to get a little revenge against her sleazy boss, and she tries to steal the money. Sadly, she gets caught red handed in the act ... NOT good. Mick decides to teach her a little lesson about taking money that doesn't belong to her ... and he then proceeds to TEAR HER PUSSY APART!" ... of course, this is all play acting and there is nothing really malicious going on ... but it's STILL my all time favorite Nikki Delano scene. Spectacular stuff for those of us that dig their porn a little on the rougher side. Enjoy!

- While the cat's away ... the mice will try on INCREDIBLE little bikinis and seduce the cat's husband ... and then, play ... "Nikki Delano is having a pool party, and it just so happens that her friend's husband Johnny is around to give his opinion on the bikinis she models for him. It also happens that Johnny's wife isn't around ... which means when Nikki gets naked right in front of him, he has no problem getting joining in the nudity ... and sticking his massive cock deep inside all her OPEN wet holes!" ... Seriously, I could watch Nikki Delano trying on various bikinis ALL FRIGGEN DAY ... everything else in this scene is just icing on the cake, as they say.

- Hey, everybody's gotta start somewhere ... doing whatever it takes to get ahead ... even if it means GIVING HEAD ... "Nikki is a brand new starlet to the adult industry. She enters a sleazy agent's office and he immediately starts changing the situation that she and her husband agreed to previously. She tries to call him to ask his advice, but the agent quickly ushers her into a separate room to do a "test scene" with a HUGELY HUNG male stud. She takes one look at him and forgets she even has a husband. Soon, that massive cock is INVADING her sweet, tight snatch with a ferocity rarely seen in modern porn. I think this girl has found herself a new career!" ... And just like that, a star is born! Lucky for us.

- And there's plenty more!


2-DVD Set - $16

3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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