GISELLE LEON - Collector's DVD Compilation


Equipped with the hottest little titties and puffiest little nipples in modern porn, Giselle Leon carries with her a sexual energy that can hardly be contained on video. A petite Latin cum slut that has become one of the hottest and most sought after new starlets in the business, Giselle now commands parts in a varied array of genres; the dirty school girl, the glimmering with oils massage whore, and inter-racial size queen. Giselle excels when the cocks are huge, and her already super-tight twat is stretched beyond the laws of physics. Check out these early scenes and see what everyone is clamoring for ... enjoy!

- Nothing like a little stress relief ... with a happy ending, of course ... "When Bill Bailey booked himself a Thai massage for relaxation, he couldn't have imagined the kind of sexual adventure he had waiting for him. But from the moment his masseuse Giselle Leon welcomed him in a silk robe that showed everything off, he knew he was in for a real treat. The session began with Giselle oiling up her flat stomach, ass, and crotch, and rubbing herself up and down his whole body. It wasn't long before things grew too hot to handle, and Bill flipped her over to drill that sweet dripping wet pussy on the mat." ... I just wouldn't want to be the one to clean the mats after hours. A thankless job, indeed.

- A nice dance lesson from a professional is always a good idea ... especially when a cute girl is in need of BIG BLACK COCK ... "Chris is in his room looking at his phone when he hears a knock at the door. It's his sister's friend Giselle. Giselle heard that he teaches a dance class and was interested in learning some moves. He offers to comp her classes but, his sister was about to leave and she would rather have the lesson if he had some time now. They quickly start off and Chris learns that Giselle is not a beginner! He gets in tight to teach her a side step when she grabs his package. Not long after, she's dancing with his cock in her mouth and then FULL BLAST in her sweet, succulent pussy until he shows his final move all over her pretty face!" ... Seriously, did she really have to pretend to need a dance lesson? Like that dude wouldn't have INVADED her mouth and POUNDED her pussy without the pretense. Oh well, he still taught her a few steps.

- Being a Teacher's Assistant isn't all fun and games. It takes a serious commitment and total focus ... "Giselle Leon has been Professor Wood's assistant for quite some time, helping him with his research and grading his students' papers. But she's not seeing the credits she should be getting in return. He tells her that she needs to go above and beyond those menial tasks and take a more cerebral approach … she needs to use her head -- and give him head. The sexy petite Latina does what it takes to get ahead." ... And just like that, sweet little Giselle learns what it takes to eventually get tenure.

- It goes without saying, that when we pray to the party gods, we're usually praying for a piece of ass like Giselle's ... "After a raucous party at Giselle's place, her wimpy boyfriend (who can't seem to get his manhood into Giselle's creamy twat) cuts out. The blue-balled loser leaves Giselle to her own devices. In walks Sean Michaels ... big black porn superstar! Sean is full of energy and ready to party. It isn't long before his giant black cock is POUNDING Giselle's silky pussy to within an inch of her life." ... now THAT'S what I call a party!

2-DVD Set - $16

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