KATSUNI - Collector's DVD Compilation


I do believe it's time for the Raven King Collection to get a little Asian with it ...

What's hotter than a naughty Asian nympho? How about a naughty Asian nympho with a French accent? That's Katsuni, the half French, half Vietnamese sexual dynamo who's won more international porn awards than any other performer in history. Known for her exotic beauty, anal expertise (YES, that PERFECT Asian ASS is FULLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS), and a passion for pure no holes barred banging, she's earned herself a massive fan base and practically every accolade that the adult industry has to offer.

A porn industry veteran that's earned over a dozen AVN awards and critical acclaim from all four corners of the world, Katsuni is easily one of the HOTTEST Asian whores in the business today. Check her out here, and see what all the fuss is about ... eat it like sushi and enjoy!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring the DELECTABLE Katsuni and an assortment of her friends and bang buddies ... SHE LOVE YOU LONG TIME!

- How about a little restroom boom boom ... "Katsuni is hard at work on "The Bobster File," but is having trouble concentrating on account of her horny boss, Johnny whose insatiable lust for her titanic tits is nothing short of conspicuous. She decides to seek refuge in the women's bathroom for a little masturbatory break. Much to her chagrin, Johnny has followed her inside and catches her in the act of fingering her ham tunnel. Katsuni finally relents to Johnny's advances and the two engage in the timeless art of humping."

- Why should Dad have all the fun ... or all of his French speaking whore ... "Katsuni comes downstairs to find Jordan with a headset on practicing French phrases on his computer. It seems that Jordan has a thing for his father's much younger girlfriend who happens to be French! He is busted, and finally admits that he is very attracted to Katsuni and he just can't keep it inside anymore." ... of course, he can't keep his cock in his pants either ... not when Katsuni's mouth and snatch are so incredibly inviting!

- Seriously, these over-priced athletes nowadays are so spoiled and selfish. How else could you explain Katsuni's disregard for her loyal baseball fan base ... "Katsuni, a world famous baseball pitcher, has been on a cold streak lately and her fans are not happy. In a press conference after answering some difficult questions, goes off on a diatribe, berating the fans who have turned on her. Keiran, an extreme fan, takes offense to this and decides to confront Katsuni in her locker room. Cornered, Katsuni thinks quickly on her feet, telling him that she didn't mean "bang the fans," she meant "bang the fans," so she had to prove it and show him what she meant exactly." ... That's the kind of locker room action that could get people to overlook spoiled jocks (and jocketts).

- A little international intrigue never hurt a guy ... but a good tight snatch ALWAYS feels right ... "When Keiran is taken away by beautiful Russian women, he knows something is up. Everything gets even more confusing when Katsuni comes into the mix. She seems to think Keiran has a big cock, but Keiran keeps telling her she's got the wrong guy. What's going on here? Nobody is who they seem to be." ... Remember, don't judge a book by its cover, and don't judge a snatch by a single sniff. Yeah, sure ... that made all kinds of sense.

- Are we not all Dreamers? Dreaming of opening up tight Asian snatch; ramming huge slabs of man meat into that perfect mouth, jamming and invading the backdoor to the sounds of animal screaming ... of course, we're dreamers ... and who could complain ... "Bruce Venture wakes up, grabs a box of his favorite donuts, and plops down to watch some TV. Lucky for him, his favorite exercise show is on: starring Asian hottie, Katsuni. He dozes off as he watches her exercise routine. When he awakens, he's dressed in workout clothes! Confused, he stumbles to his feet. Katsuni calls for him from the TV, and before he knows it, he's sucked in to her show! It isn't long before Katsuni is sucking on his big hard cock, and showing him her favorite workout routine: getting her tight pussy INVADED in every position!" ... I gotta admit, I dig Katsuni on the big funky exercise ball. It's a whole new erotic schtick ... nicely done.

2-DVD Set - $16
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 6,300 pics) - $5

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