DANI DANIELS - Collector's DVD Compilation 


And so it was written ...
Put a little hair around it ...
And I'll always find my way in.

Former Penthouse Pet Of The Month, Dani Daniels is easily one of the most beautiful girls in all of modern porn. She has taken that natural beauty and exploded on the porn scene like a cock-starved shooting comet. This California native was an 'all-girl' only performer until 2012, when she started swallowing cock and getting her snatch stuffed on camera. Ever since, she has become one of the busiest girls in the business.

Let this one be a special treat for those of you (us) that enjoy a nice furry little bush. Nothing wild and sloppy (we're not talking 70's retro), just nicely trimmed and simply luscious. I mention this because in this age of fully shaved twats, totally lacking any personality or artistry, it's good to see a girl put forth a little effort in having a pretty pussy. Wouldn't you agree? Check out Dani and that sweet little bush in these early and current scenes to see what all the fuss is about. Enjoy!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring the DELECTABLE Dani Daniels and an assortment of her friends and bang buddies.

- No place better to start than with my personal favorite Dani Daniels scene thus far in her very young career. Sometimes, being a pen-pal just isn't enough. Sooner or later, the dude a pretty (and horny) girl writes to will want to cash in on all those promises of pussy ... "Dani just can't wait for Johnny to be released from jail. She writes him all the time. Just her luck, cuz today Johnny breaks out of prison and needs a place to stay... in her pussy!" ... seriously, I don't know if it's all the panty-play (you all know that the Raven King has a bit of a panty fetish), the idea of an escaped prisoner (played brilliantly by Mr. Sins) sneaking into her bedroom and BURYING HIS HUGE COCK into that furry little piece of paradise, or whatever ... I friggen love this scene. Simply the best piece of work Dani has put out thus far ... very much looking forward to where she can go from here, but on the strength of this scene, Dani Daniels has absolutely made a fan out of your friendly neighborhood Raven King.

- Dani Daniels is not your ordinary grieving widow. Her sweet furry pussy is SCREAMING for her dead husband's cock, just one more time. Someone should have told her not to worry ... THEY ALWAYS COME BACK ... "Sweet and luscious Dani is haunted by the memories of her late husband. She misses him, craves his cock, dreams of him every night. When his brother shows up to go over the will with her, their resemblance is just too uncanny. Whoever he is, Dani just has to have him." ... all I know is that a little thing like death couldn't keep me out of that heavenly snatch! What say you?

- Listen, if you're going to bang the office slut, you really have to find a better place than the supply room ... AND, you have to make sure your boss doesn't find out. Unless, of course, your boss is Dani Daniels and she wants a taste of what the office slut got. In that case, you just need to shut up and let her sample the goods ... "Dani Daniels is appalled. She's discovered that her employee Danny had an inappropriate office relationship by getting laid in the supply room ... by the company whore. The fact that he chose to bang the expected sexpot bores the Hell out of her, leading her to believe he doesn't have the creativity and integrity it takes to work there. So she gives him another chance: if he can bang her as good as she expects (and as good as her sweet hairy pussy is CRAVING), she won't can his lame ass. Is the lowly office worker's big cock a match for the head honcho's wet pussy? We'll just have to wait and see." ... it's a Hell of a way to save your job, but hey, times are tough out there. If burying your face in that sweet furry snatch is what it takes to keep your job ... well, do it!

- Rack em up, Baby Girl! A little game of pool never hurt anyone. Particularly when Dani Daniels puts on some of the sexiest white panties you're likely to see in modern porn, and models them for her (very lucky) boyfriend while setting up a friendly game of 8-ball. Dani is in her ABSOLUTE PRIME RIPENESS in this scene. Her hair is straight and perfect, her tits are round and firm, and just beneath those adorable little white panties lies a cock starved little ball of fur ... gently oozing with her priceless pussy juices. It doesn't take long for her salivating boyfriend to join her at the pool table and begin groping her tender ass, fondling her erect nipples, and fingering her sweet little snatch. I particularly like him pulling her panties up and into her ass crack ... a very nice touch. The sex action is hot and heavy. Starting off with some wonderful oral action and breast worship right there at the pool table, and leading up to some full fledged all out action in the bedroom. Really well done, and an excellent example of Dani putting her sexuality on full display. I consider this scene a wondrous peek at what is yet to come from Dani Daniels.

- And there's plenty more!

2-DVD Set - $16

3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set - $40  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
6-DVD Set - $48  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
7-DVD Set - $56  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 8,100 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #2) - (over 7,900 pics) - $5

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