STACI SILVERSTONE - Collector's DVD Compilation


Gorgeous and soft, all natural babe Staci Silverstone has delicious silky curves that beg to be squeezed (and RAVISHED). Her plush round ass is so creamy and smooth, it practically MELTS in your mouth. She spreads like an experienced whore and moans with the vigor of the naughtiest schoolgirl you'd ever want to meet. Her pretty face, with the little pouty lips and big blue eyes are complemented by her full young tits.

Listen up, Staci is the absolute epitome of the schoolgirl fantasy ... While we're lucky as Hell that there's been a bumper crop of brand new nubile little sluts (Molly Bennett, Maddy O'Reilly, Mia Malkova, etc) in recent months, Staci is different. I think it's something in the eyes ... far too difficult to explain without visual aid, so you're just gonna have to check her our for yourselves. Enjoy!

Those of you that have followed the Raven King Collection since the beginning already know that I (your humble Lord of Ravens) have always had a 'thing' for the teeny boppers ... Take note of the Raven King personal recommendation, and keep in mind what kind of girl gets THAT kind of word of mouth. Just sayin'.

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Staci Silverstone and an assortment of her friends and lecherous tormentors.

- You have to LOVE a sweet little thing like Staci being able to handle a stick ... "Staci's pop is buying her a used car, but it's not Keiran's old smashed up car she wants, it's his sweet sports car... and he's not selling. This eighteen-year-old plans on getting exactly what she wants, so when he agrees to let her test-drive it, she goes straight for the stick." ... Naturally, this is a girl that can shift ANY gear she wants!

- Even the sweetest little schoolgirls need to EARN their field trip spots ... "Staci missed out on signing up for the trip to the planetarium, but she really wants to go. Professor Knight tells her that the tickets are already sold out, and there's nothing he can do for her. But Staci's persistent. So persistent that she tells him she'll do ANYTHING to get a ticket. To illustrate this, she pulls her professor's big dick out of his pants, stuffs it down her throat, and then lets him takes out her beautiful natural titties and gives him the best (and tightest) classroom snatch of his lecherous life!" ... I'm betting that Staci isn't one to miss too many trips.

- Sometimes Twitter can be a dangerous thing ... "Bill is enraged that his sister’s friend Staci tweeted that he had a small cock and was an awful lay. After looking everywhere for her, he finds Staci hanging out in his sister’s room and confronts her about her nasty tweet. He whips out his dick to show her how wrong she is! And boy, was she! As Staci begins to lick, slurp, and suck his cock, he reminds her of her grievous error by telling her how he's about to fill her young, juicy twat with his man-meat. After Bill SLAMS her wet snatch and shoots his load all over her innocent face, she confesses the tweets were merely a ploy to get him to please her ... with EVERY inch of his staff!" ... and just like that, technology is once again put to go use!

- Even ballplayers have needs ... "Professional baseball player, Michael is visiting his sister when the club plays a series in his old home town.Sadly, when he arrives at her apartment, his sister isn't home ... but her hot blonde roommate Staci is! Staci's super-impressed that a ballplayer has come to visit family on his day off, and she'll do anything to play ball with him ... or maybe just play with his balls. Michael's not sure if they should, but when Staci gets on her knees and gently begins stroking his massive baseball bat, before practicing her sword swallowing skills, he's ready to step up to the plate and DRIVE home a major league PUSSY SMASHING!" ... good to see a pro athlete that knows how to relax WITHOUT any performance enhancing drugs (no, Viagra does NOT count ... you all know what I mean)!

- And YES ... there's NOW plenty more! 

2-DVD Set   - $16
3-DVD Set   - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set   - $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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