MOLLY BENNETT - Collector's DVD Compilation


A perfectly fresh faced, nubile little teeny bopper slut ... the incomparable Molly Bennett has been lighting up the porn scene since (right after) she turned 18. Becoming an instant fan favorite in a multitude of school-girl fantasy scenarios, Molly has been hiking up that little pleated mini-skirt for every cock in Hollywood.

Collected here (for the first time anywhere), are some of Molly's greatest cum-soaked hits. Molly as the darling little cheerleader, just wanting to work on her cheers ... Molly as a 'fresh meat' massage girl, just learning how to properly lube up a client ... Molly as the horniest little super-hero slut in comic book history ... Naughty Nurse Molly working the young Doctor's cock like an old pro ... even a little Father/Son double teaming Molly's tight (and oh so ripe) twat on the couch (this one's my personal favorite)!

Those of you that have followed the Raven King Collection since the beginning already know that I (your humble Lord of Ravens) have always had a 'thing' for the teeny boppers ... and Molly Bennett is seriously moving up on my list of modern favorites. Enjoy!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Molly Bennett and an assortment of her friends and lecherous tormentors.

- Has nymphomania finally become an epidemic? Molly's mom seems to think so. Her daughter (the SPECTACULAR Molly Bennett) seems to have no control over her sex drive and it shows no signs of slowing! Hopefully Dr. Sins M.D. has got exactly what the hyper-sexual Molly needs to keep her cock cravings at bay. Worth noting that Molly puts on a FANTASTIC little nurse outfit for this scene ... great stuff.

- Molly's parents are at their wits end. She is completely out of control, her grades are dropping, and her sex drive is just going wild. They hire Johnny the tutor in hopes of setting her straight, but the only straight she's going to get is straight boned. Johnny will get her on the right path for sure. Noteworthy here is that Molly not only does the naughty (yet adorable) little school-girl bit to perfection, but lipsticking the word 'Whore' across her perfect ass cheeks (while still wearing her panties), makes this scene an instant classic!

- Dane has the hots for his sister's friend Molly, but he's too shy to tell her. So when he tells her that he's inviting himself along to the electronica show she and his sister are going to, Molly inquires more. She finds out that Dane thinks she's hot, which prompts her to kneel down, pull out his cock and start caressing, stroking, licking, and sucking on it! Dane's amazed, and even more amazed when he sees her PERFECT ass and perky titties ... he can't help himself from ramming his hard shaft into her tight wet (TEEN) snatch!

2-DVD Set   - $16

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