ANGELICA HEART - Collector's DVD Compilation


Fresh out of Budapest, Hungary ... this smoking hot Euro Babe has alrea2-DVD Set - $15dy developed a rabid following here in the States. Originally a small teeny-bopper slut, Angelica has recently filled up those fun bags with a very expensive looking boob job. Now, most of you already know that I (your humble Raven King) prefer big beautiful tits, but just to keep everybody happy, we've gone out of our way to include a taste of Angelica before AND after the boob job. You decide for yourself ... and feel free to drop us a line and let us know which you prefer!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring the SPECTACULAR Angelica and an assortment of her friends.

- Sometimes, a friend in need is truly a friend indeed ... "Angelica's friend has an incredibly sore pussy because her boyfriend Keiran practically banged her too death with his massive cock. To buy a little time from her next grueling session, her friend decides to go grocery shopping, while Keiran chills out with Angelica. Being the horny sneak that she is, Angelica tricks Keiran into believing her friend wants to have a threesome and wants them to practice a little before she gets home." It should be noted that this is a PRE-BOOB JOB scene, and it is SMOKING HOT. This is Angelica at her pig-tails and mini-skirt BEST. An early scene that has already become a classic!

- They say the Doctor is always right, but we all know it's the Nurse with big beautiful tits that really matters ... "Angelica is a red hot horny nurse who is very much into Jordan. She loves coming around and teasing him. Unfortunately for Jordan, both of his hands are wrapped in bandages. He has no way to relieve himself. He starts getting a massive boner one day when she starts giving him a sponge bath. With his hands out of play Angelica decides to take matters in her own hands." Seriously, who needs hands, anyway?

- I can think of no better Xmas present, than a tightly wrapped Hungarian Whore that takes it in EVERY hole ... "David and George have worked hard the whole year, and they figured they deserved a nice Christmas treat ... enter one hot and horny Hungarian Whore ... all decked out in her best Xmas lingerie. The boys waste no time in unwrapping their tight and tasty treat ... and proceed to ABSOLUTELY RAVISH her! They INVADE her in every way possible, and she begs for more! Angelica becomes something more than just the object of their barbaric attention ... she becomes the quintessential Xmas Double Penetration session!"

- Everyone needs a ride to the airport every now and then ... "Angelica gonna be leaving, on a jet plane, doesn't know when she'll be back again … because she lives in friggen Hungary! The sad part is, that her idiot boyfriend works so much, he won't even be able to take her to the airport because her flight is slightly delayed. And when you leave your departing, Euro-hot girlfriend to your roommate for a ride to the runway, you're surely asking for trouble. Let's just say that Angelica and her amazing tits (I call them SPECTACULAR) and (MOUTH-WATERING) ass create a whole new set of memories with Johnny's huge cock before jet-setting the airways!

- And there's plenty more!

2-DVD Set - $16
3-DVD Set - $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 5,300 pics) - $5

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