MARIE McCRAY - Collector's DVD Compilation

BEAUTIFUL RED ... ALL THE WAY DOWN ... 32B-22-32!!!!!!

By now, you should ALL already know that your humble Raven King LOVES Redheads! With that in mind, we are proud to introduce the SPECTACULAR, Marie McCray! Entering just her 5th year in the business (this is being written in 2012), Marie has become one of the most sought after young stars around. Having earned her bones (so to speak) on a lot of internet and Gonzo work early on, Marie has recently taken on some wonderful role-playing/fantasy scenes with some of the more popular internet site. Working hard to cultivate a fan base while moving upwards to adult feature film roles, Marie continues to put forth some incredible performances in any number of porn genres. Catch her here, in this special compilation featuring Marie as she comes into her own as a big-time adult industry performer. By the way ... the red hair, ALL THE WAY DOWN ... is NOT something that you want to miss! Just take my word for it.

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring the beautiful Marie and an assortment of her friends.

- I have always suspected that girls really KNEW when their boyfriends were cheating on them ... they just didn't want to admit that they knew. It's refreshing to see some young ladies go to great lengths to actually PROVE the obvious! Good thing Marie is always around to help out a friend in need ... "Lindsay knows Ralph cheats on her but has no way to prove it. She asks her best friend Marie to help her out by seducing Ralph so she can catch him. Marie tries to stick to the plan but when Ralph showed her his cock, she changed her mind. That cock was the biggest thing she had ever seen and she wanted it in her tight little pussy." This is the kind of cheating test that we'd all probably fail!

- It had to happen. Someone had to put the two HOTTEST Redheads in the adult industry together in one scene ... and here it is ... "Ramon is Marie McCray's and Faye Reagan's new roommate, and he seems rather pleased when he finds a note in his room, welcoming him. He's even more pleased when the redheads enter his digs scantly clad and licking one another, ready to give him his real welcoming -- a threesome, fit with dick-sucking, pussy-licking and all-around BANGING. Double banging ginger trouble!" ... Listen man, all that red pussy could kill a normal guy. Hope Ramon lived through the experience!

- Hey, it's never easy to keep a marriage fresh and exciting ... "Marie's marriage is generally a happy one. She loves her husband but is often left sexually frustrated when he is away on business trips. They try to keep things alive and spicy with phone sex, but for Marie, there's simply no substitute for the real thing." Naturally, the real thing is not ALWAYS from Marie's husband ... but surely, what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

- And there's plenty more!


2-DVD Set - $16

3-DVD Set - $24 (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set - $32 (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
5-DVD Set - $40 (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #1) - (over 4,600 pics) - $5
PIC Collection CD-ROM (Disc #2) - (over 5,100 pics) - $5

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