EMILIANNA - Collector's DVD Compilation

34D-26-36 ... ALL EMILIANNA ... ALL THE TIME!!!

Here's one for the Barbie Doll Syndrome lovers out there. The beautiful Emilianna has been rocking the adult industry since 2005. This Missouri native hit the scene with a vicious shrill, and hasn't looked back ever since. Excelling in the MILF genre, but continuously experimenting with all kinds of material, Emilianna has developed a tremendous following throughout the World Wide Web. Now a full fledged adult films leading lady, Emilianna has put together a body of work that has made her a very 'in demand' star. Catch her here, in these uncut and unfiltered vignettes that really showcase Emilianna's acting chops, as well as her insatiable sexual appetite! The porn world has never looked this elegant ... and NASTY at the same time!

DVDs contain nothing but scenes featuring Emilianna and an assortment of her friends.

- Listen girls, you simply can NOT leave your boyfriends alone with your Mother ... if your Mother is the sex-starved, Emilianna! Here's a young stud that is having his cake, and eating it too. As if his girlfriend isn't hot enough, he going to go to town on her mom, Emilianna! Great bit of role-playing and this gives Emilianna a chance to really show off her acting skills. She sells the scene perfectly, and she really sizzles with sexual energy. Great stuff!

- All newlyweds have their share of problems, but who can they turn to when that sexual spark seems to have fizzled out? Well, they can always try Dr. Emilianna, Sex Professional on call. Emilianna just loves to tutor her clients in the ways of hot animalistic sex. Really wonderful 'teaching' scene featuring Emilianna giving some really good advice regarding dirty talk, tongue action, and even moaning. The divorce rate would drop dramatically if there were more Dr. Emiliannas on call, that's for sure!

- Poor Emilianna, she works such late hours, and really exhausts herself. What she could really use is a nice massage ... just to work out the kinks. Fortunately, one of the young office studs is more than willing to help her out. Before long, he is massaging a lot more than just her shoulders. Soon, those gorgeous breasts are fully exposed ... then licked ... then suckled ... and before too long, something long and hard is being jammed between them ... with thunderous effect! Wonderful take on the old office sex fantasy. Great dialog and set-up highlight this fast and furious romp! A can't miss action scene!

2-DVD Set - $16

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